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ZOE blog post 3

Mornings are always the worst. It’s really hard to get out of your warn comfy bed and get ready in the cold crisp air.
This morning me and LARA were going to Arusha which is just the next town over. We had planned for a friend of Moshi’s to drive to the bus station. When we got to the bus station it was chaotic. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Everywhere you looked there were giant buses honking at each other while the people were coming up to you and selling all kinds of food and candy and headphones. While we were standing there waiting a random guy came out of nowhere and and started running away with our suitcases. Me and LARA had no idea what was going. Moshi started to run after the guy and then LARA got worried and started running after Moshi and then I got worried fro mommy and started to run after her. When we finally reached the bus the actual reason why that guy was running with our bags was because the bus was a bout to leave! We thankfully just made it in the nick of time. Truthfully i hadn’t really known what was going on until later. The bus ride was a long and treacherous 9 hours. BUt honestly i liked it because i got to watch really weird african movies that were playing as well as sleep and take pictures. The most exciting thing about the ride though was that every time the bus stopped for even just a few minutes there would be swarms of people holding up food to our windows. Basically anytime you wanted a snack you just had to reach out of the window. I personally thought that was pretty cool. After a while it did get annoying though because this one person dropped his box of chips he was balancing on his head inside the bus on my lap. SOmetimes the people would start running beside the bus which i thought at the time ” they must be running pretty fast!” Once we got to Arusha me and LARA were pretty much done fro the day. We lay down on our beds and took a nice long nap. After that we met up with Moshi again and ate dinner. Everyday here is always a new experience which really excites me!

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