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This is me

I used to fight the idea of doing things a little bit differently

You know that one thing that defines who you are…​  like that first kiss or the time a teacher told you that you were talented so it’s what you believed about yourself for the next decade. It’s those things that build us and make us whole.

It could have been some random thing.

It might have been the fact that my grandma was one of the original radio city music hall rockettes who passed on a love for glamour and dance and fashion. Or that I know what it is like to sleep squished in a tiny hotel room with eight bandmates.

Or that I worked as a photographers’ assistant in a photo studio and our niche client was body-builders—steroid driven, pumped up and greased down bodies ready for a shoot.

Or that I know what a petticoat feels like because I dressed in square dancing regalia with a busload of seniors as an assistant travel host.

Or that I named a family of squirrels who came to watch us work in Douglas Couplands’ kitchen (Tim, Harry, Ivy) while working on his website. Or that I was one of the children in the meadow on a children’s television series for years.

But it wasn’t any of those things…

Lara Kroeker Interactive

It was Tanzania.

For years, I led an effort to bring water to the people of a Tanzanian Village too small to even be on the map. Over the span of nearly 3 months, we dug a 170-meter-deep hole that—with the help of solar technology—supplied water to 7 points around the village. For the duration of construction, I lived in the village and documented the process, and life there. I saw hunger and joy, determination and frustration. I saw a little part of life that wasn’t fair and saw things that shook me to the core, but I also saw myself fight for something with a drive so deep that I have no idea where it came from.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve built a catalog of skills that all seamlessly blend together—developer, website designer, strategist, musician, and artist and they are all connected in some magical way. I’ve come out on the other side of these experiences knowing who I am and where my strengths lie. I know not only when to say “yes,” but also “hell no.” Understanding myself in such a way allows me to devote myself to my clients’ projects all the better. You are welcome to read about it.

I love the arts and music, but most of all I love people. The weirdos, the eccentrics, the crazies – all of them.

I’ve decided to own it!

I used to fight the idea of doing things a little bit differently, but today I realize that it’s my gift and it’s what I want to pass on in the work I do—in every brand visual ecosystem I create and every project I undertake.

If you’re curious about my bona fides, I have a Bachelor of design with a major in communication design from Emily Carr University Graduated with honours and debt.

If you’re looking for something built from the ground up with a solid strategy, and as an expression of you and your business, let’s talk!

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