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Project InsideOut – Bridging Activism and Clinical Psychology for Sustainable Behavior Change

Strategy | Website Design and Development | Operations & Maintenance

Project InsideOut stands as a beacon of collaboration, bringing together activists and clinical psychologists to drive sustainable behavior change for the betterment of our planet. This resource hub addresses climate inaction and accelerates global change through the application of practical and easily accessible psychological tools.


The challenge for Project InsideOut was to not only address the complex issue of climate inaction but also to create a dynamic digital platform that effectively communicated the urgency of the matter. The project required a comprehensive approach, from strategic planning to the development of interactive tools and an engaging user experience that could propel sustainable behavior change.


Project InsideOut engaged in a phased approach, utilizing the LKI Process alongside clients Renée Lertzman, Elizabeth Thompson, and KR Foundation. The initial phase involved Strategy and Planning, identifying both the project’s overarching goals and SMART goals for the initial phase of the website.

The subsequent phases included the development of a content map, creative brief, and project bible. The script for the website was crafted by writer Eiren Caffall. Extensive story and User Experience (UX) work ensued to navigate the intricate narrative of Climate Change inaction. The incorporation of interactive quizzes, drawing on Renée’s decades of psychology research, added an engaging layer to the website.

Design, illustrations, and video content were concurrently developed to visually convey the complex story. Simultaneously, website development and custom programming brought all the elements together, culminating in an interactive and educational web experience. This digital platform equipped organizations with practical tools to integrate climate change action into their work.


The holistic approach to digital transformation yielded significant benefits. The website became a dynamic resource, bridging the gap between activists and psychologists to inspire sustainable behavior change. The inclusion of interactive quizzes added a unique dimension, fostering user engagement and self-reflection.

The Quadrant of Engagement, a tool designed by Renée Lertzman, provided teams with a structured approach to collective conversations, enhancing organizational effectiveness in addressing climate change challenges.


The culmination of efforts resulted in Project InsideOut’s digital platform being an inclusive, inviting, and educational hub. The interactive quizzes and the Quadrant of Engagement contributed to a practical and fun user experience. The website successfully conveyed the urgency of climate action and equipped organizations with the tools needed to drive change.

Project InsideOut’s journey through the LKI Process, strategic planning, and digital transformation has positioned it as a catalyst for sustainable behavior change. The website, accessible at, stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, psychology, and technology in addressing the critical issue of climate inaction.


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