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Signals Festival – Exploring Creative Technology’s Role in Shaping Our Shared Futures

Exploring the potential of AI to reshape our narratives and perspectives, questioning the ethics and equity of artificial intelligence, and delving into ways to reconnect with our sustaining natural elements—earth and water—form the foundation of 35 curated projects. Ranging from global instances of creative technology like inspiring applications of AI and bio wearables to a visionary program honoring Indigenous resilience and wisdom, and exclusive premieres of video games from local BC studios, Signals presents a journey of discovery and empowerment through immersive and interactive experiences that play with the realms of past and future possibilities.


One of the primary challenges facing Signals was the absence of its own distinct branding. Moreover, as a partner of the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), Signals needed to differentiate itself while incorporating elements of the established VIFF brand. The festival needed a cohesive strategy that would not only set it apart but also capture the essence of its innovative and forward-thinking programming.


The strategy to address these challenges involved the development of a comprehensive branding package. The cornerstone of this package was the creation of a visually striking and user-friendly website. The website aimed to not only serve as an information hub but also as a digital experience that reflected the freshness and excitement of the festival.

The design process involved crafting a unique logo that encapsulated the spirit of Signals while harmonizing with the broader VIFF brand. This symbiotic relationship ensured continuity for festival-goers familiar with VIFF while introducing a distinct visual identity for Signals.

Additionally, a promotional video was produced to provide a glimpse into the diverse projects featured at the festival. This video served as a powerful tool to generate anticipation and excitement, effectively conveying the innovative and empowering nature of the festival.


The adoption of a comprehensive branding strategy, including the creation of a vibrant website, a distinctive logo, and a compelling promotional video, offered several advantages to Signals. Firstly, the website became a central point for information, ticket sales, and engagement, providing attendees with a seamless and visually immersive experience.


The impact was tangible as Signals Festival sold out, indicating a strong resonance with the audience. The positive reception demonstrated the effectiveness of the branding strategy in creating a unique identity for Signals and attracting a broad and enthusiastic audience. The festival’s success underscored the importance of a cohesive and visually compelling approach in establishing a distinct festival identity within a competitive landscape.

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