Make your website simple, beautiful, and compelling.

As a strategist, planner, and concept developer, I help you find clarity amidst the chaos.  Using storytelling techniques, video, photography, and new technologies, I create websites that translate your message into a simple, beautiful, and compelling visual narrative.


I create elegant, contemporary, and professional websites but more than that I help you figure out what you need when you don’t even know yourself.


This suite of workshop offerings is to put the power back into an entrepreneur’s or organization’s hands so that you can do it for yourself.


Custom workshops are available for organizations who are running into challenges with their websites OR want to build in-house micro sites.

Why Work with Me?

I just got back from a big project in Tanzania where we dug a 170 Meter borehole and distributed the water to 7 points in a little village which you are welcome to read about.

Whether in Africa immersed in a not-for-profit WATER PROJECT, creating a video story in a SUBWAY IN NEW YORK, or running a WORDPRESS WORKSHOP for start-up entrepreneurs, she engages with the world, and with life, in a compelling and beautiful way.

I am currently accepting website development and design clients so if you or anyone you know needs website or design services feel free to contact me and I would be happy to chat (604) 724-7103.

More About Me
  • Lara Kroeker Bootcamp-02

    WordPress Bootcamp

    Learn to build a site by doing a project of your own in wordpress with this hands on workshop.

  • Lara Kroeker Media Toolkit-03

    Media Toolkit

    Learn how to integrate media into the design of your wordpress site in a day that goes beyond just the basics.

  • Lara Kroeker Custom-05

    Custom workshops

    Custom workshops are available for organizations who are running into wordpress challenges.

WordPress Tips and Tricks

When you mention wordpress to someone they think easy peasy, and it is for the basics, but if you want to build something more professional you need to know more than just the basics.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you.  See all Tips and Tricks


Getting into Bed with Video

I wish that there were not so many new things to learn and I could just rest easy but alas, things keep changing, especially with video!  Damn you web.  


Device Screen Sizes

Technology and the expansion of mobile websites are pushing web designers to re-think how their work is displayed across various devices.


Ennui of the Ordinary

The power of images to communicate, to change minds and to create, is immeasurable but from selfies to never-ending Instagram feeds, the world is now drowning in images.

What People Say...

Lara is just super creative, she can make things work with your budget and she does an amazing job. You were also SO FAST, it was crazy FAST, amazing, so thank you and I really look forward to working with you on more projects to come.

Hana Kamea (Filmmaker)

Working with Lara was a pleasure because she quickly understood what we wanted and took us through the process with a minimum of stress and fuss.

Mary Childs Ethos | Law Group LLP

"We chose to work with Lara because of her extensive experience with WordPress, in both development and in design. Our blog, 365 Days of Dining, had an impressive amount of blog posts spanning a number of years and our biggest fear was losing those posts with a redesign or having any of that data corrupted. Lara was able to completely overhaul the design and functionality of the site and update it with newer and more secure WordPress technologies, without losing any of our old data. We would gladly recommend Lara for future projects!"

Lesley Chang | Communications Manager | Tourism Richmond

My favourite part of working with Lara was: her fast turnaround time, her gently pushing me to get the work done so I get get what I needed to launch my business, her friendly and down-to-earth approach, and her commitment to a high-quality website that was beautiful and gave me me exactly what my business needed online. Lara not only built my website with a "growth mindset," so that it could evolve as my business does, but also she offers flexibility to continually work with me as my business grows and as I need new components added. She is truly supportive and anticipates my business needs before my business does. Lara's the best of both worlds: a true professional who delivers high-quality creative work, and also a down to earth and fun person who you can have a real conversation with, and who will work with you until your ideal is realized visually. I recommend her highly!

Jessica Earle-Meadows | Coach

Lara has tremendous energy and a "let's do this!" attitude, which is infectious.  She tackles every challenge with creative flair and brings positivity and inclusiveness to everything.  When I'm working with Lara on something, I feel like anything's possible!

Kele fleming | The Virtual Co:Lab

Lara has a fantastic sense of humor, unbounded creativity, and a can-do entrepreneurial spirit. I loved collaborating with her creatively.  Lara has done excellent work for me and for other organizations I have sent her way. She's fun to work with, and she is always looking for ways to push the creative envelope, to leverage new tools, and to give her clients the best work. She's very professional. Perhaps most importantly, she really cares deeply about making the world a better place.

Vanessa Warheit | Film Producer

"Lara Kroeker and Randomlink have done their homework. They understand worthiness and have also mastered all the modern tools that augment creative expression and deliver seamlessly, affordably, on budget and with a smile."

John Bessai | Writer/Producer/Director | CineFocus Canada

To say that Lara is a pleasure to work with is an understatement. She brings a combination of enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity, respect and vision to every encounter. One comes away from a meeting with Lara with a synergistic sense of purpose and direction. Lara follows up in a timely manner with work of the highest professional standard. Her web design is user friendly and beautiful. Lara understands how to use the tech tools to tell a story.

Perry Buchan | Teacher | Vancouver School Board

"A multi talented, savvy creator with a strong work ethic who turn a project aesthetically and technically exceptional."

Sandra Creighton | Creative Producer

"Lara, rather than trying to mold my story into her pre conceived agenda, works live from what she sees and experiences through information, images and place of work. She works from what she has, in the moment, passionately fusing the elements she receives to build a powerful, cohesive and beautiful whole. She is quite brilliant."

Wendy VanReisen | Designer | Dahlia Drive