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Lara Kroeker Interactive

Strategy, Style Guides, Websites (e-commerce & marketing)

A small but mighty design studio​ Helping other small, but mighty companies build their brand.

Lara Kroeker Interactive

Strategy, Style Guides, Websites

A small but mighty design studio​ Helping other small, but mighty companies build their brand.

You’re an innovator, a mover, a shaker, an out-of-the-box IMPACT maker with heart!

And whether the impact you’re making is for your team, your clients, your community, or the world, there’s no doubt that you’re creating something special and profound with your business.

You’re doing work worth doing, and what you’ve built is beautiful — even if this may not be the first word you’d use to describe it. (Trust me, it IS beautiful!)

The problem is… Your website and branding don’t reflect that incredible impact and beauty.

This could be the result of cobbled-together designs from over the years. It could be from trying to build things yourself to save time and money (no judgment here!).

Of course, it might also be because you’ve struggled to find someone you really trust to work creatively with your brand.

However you found yourself here, take a deep breath. You’re in the right place!

Brand Style Guides (VIP Intensive)

Ready to finally have cohesive, gorgeous branding that actually does justice to the work your business is doing?

With my VIP Intensive model for Style Guides I’m able to give my two greatest designer superpowers — my sincere desire for collaboration with my clients AND my ability to work quickly and efficiently — a turbo boost!

Together, we can craft a Style Guide that will serve as your brand’s foundation to tell your unique, visual story.

Strategy, Custom Websites & e-Commerce

Do you want the perfect harmony of usability, engaging design and technical prowess for your website?

Despite our size, we can still take on larger projects through our partnerships and ability to assemble a world-class team.

We’ve built marketing websites for product, film, and TV series; e-commerce sites for clothing designers, stores and record labels; and social impact sites for climate change and human rights projects.

Together, we’re going to create a BEAUTIFUL website and brand that reflects the ahhhmazing business you’ve built.

I can handle whatever you’ve got, and I promise that while I’m here to guide and collaborate with you on your brand’s design, you’re still going to be in the driver’s seat this whole time.

With over 20 years experience in web design and branding and marketing, I am an expert at creating effective, high-quality websites. I have a unique brand-first approach which enables me to create custom, beautiful and functional websites that authentically connect and resonate with people.

Customer reviews

It is a rare person who is highly skilled, creative, and fun to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough!
David Bircham
Creative Director
My favourite part of working with Lara was: Fast turnaround time, her friendly and down-to-earth approach, and her commitment to high-quality.
Jessica Earle-Meadows
Learning and development for leadership, teams, and culture change
Lara has a fantastic sense of humor, unbounded creativity, and a can-do entrepreneurial spirit. I loved collaborating with her creatively.
Vanessa Warheit
Lara's amazing creativity, knowledge of web technology and understanding of audience needs are all integral to her approach to working with her clients.
Barbara Hager
Producer & Director
Lara brought focus and clarity to the creative process of creating my brand and website. Her works blends beautiful design with function.
Diane Whelan
On a short timeline, Lara was able to quickly grasp the scope and goals of our project and translate that into a clear design language.
Neil Middleton
VP Marketing & Sales, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Lara Kroeker Interactive

Why work with me?

Hi, I’m Lara Kroeker — a designer with over 20 years of experience crafting beautiful, functional websites!

I’ve worked with brands around the world and across many industries — building sites for products, films, and TV series; e-commerce sites for clothing designers, stores, and record labels; and social impact sites for climate change and human rights projects.

In addition to working with businesses around the world, I also love traveling the world! I love experiencing the arts and music, but most of all I love people. The weirdos, the eccentrics, the crazies – all of them.

I used to fight the idea of doing things a little bit differently, but today I realize that it’s my gift and it’s what I want to pass on in the work I do — in every brand visual ecosystem I create and every project I undertake.

Our favourite projects

Strategy | Website Design and Development

Strategy | Website Design and Development | E-commerce | Operations & Maintenance

Strategy | Brand Visual Ecosystem | Website Design and Development | Operations & Maintenance

Brand Visual Ecosystem

Strategy | Website Design and Development | Operations & Maintenance

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