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SoundOn – Pandemic music relief and recovery project

Strategy | Website Design and Development

Client: Music BC / Province of BC
Description: Pandemic music relief and recovery project.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the music industry faced unprecedented challenges, with live events canceled, venues closed, and artists struggling to connect with their audiences. Music BC, in collaboration with the Province of British Columbia, recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to support the music community during these times. This led to the inception of SoundOn, a strategic initiative aimed at providing relief and aiding in the recovery of the music industry.


The challenges were multi-faceted, encompassing financial strains on musicians, the absence of live performance opportunities, and a growing disconnect between artists and their fans. With traditional revenue streams drying up and digital platforms saturated, there was a pressing need for a tailored solution that could address these issues head-on.


SoundOn emerged as a multifaceted strategy, combining financial relief with a platform that would bridge the gap between musicians and their audiences. The central pillar of the initiative was the development of an innovative website designed to showcase the talents of local artists, facilitate virtual performances, and provide a channel for direct support from fans. The website was envisioned as a hub for the music community, offering a seamless experience for both artists and fans.


SoundOn’s website design and development brought several advantages to the forefront. Firstly, it provided a centralized space for musicians to showcase their work, fostering community engagement and connection. The inclusion of virtual performance features allowed artists to continue reaching their audience in a time when live events were not possible. Moreover, the platform facilitated direct financial support from fans, creating a sustainable model for artists to generate income during the pandemic.

The website’s intuitive design made it accessible to a wide audience, ensuring that both tech-savvy users and those less familiar with online platforms could participate in and enjoy the music community. The benefits were not solely monetary; SoundOn became a beacon of hope and solidarity, revitalizing the spirit of the music community in British Columbia.


The impact of SoundOn was profound and far-reaching. The initiative successfully provided immediate financial relief to struggling musicians, helping them weather the economic challenges posed by the pandemic. Virtual performances hosted on the platform garnered widespread attention, extending the reach of local artists beyond geographical boundaries.

Beyond the immediate relief, SoundOn contributed to the long-term resilience of the music community. The website continued to thrive as a central hub for artists and fans even as live events slowly returned. The success of SoundOn demonstrated the effectiveness of a holistic approach in addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by the music industry during the pandemic.

SoundOn’s website design and development not only provided a lifeline for musicians during a tumultuous period but also demonstrated the power of strategic initiatives in fostering resilience and community within an industry facing unprecedented challenges. The collaborative effort between Music BC and the Province of British Columbia showcased the potential of innovation and strategic thinking in navigating the complexities of a rapidly changing landscape.

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