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Wordpress Tips and Tricks

Too Many Plugins

Plugins are powerful and handy and beautiful, but just because you can add a plugin doesn’t mean that you should. There are a few things that you should know.

  • Plugins can cause functionality conflicts, so there more plugins you install, the more likely this is to happen. Less is always more!
  • Plugins need to be updated and if you have a plugin that is not compatible with your current version of WordPress, then it may break that feature of the site.
  • Look at the date the plugin was last updated before you download it. If it was in 2001, you know that nobody is maintaining it.
  • In general, I buy my plugins UNLESS they are the standard ones or freemium plugins.

Many premium sites have plugins included. This is a great strategy because you will know those plugins work with your theme (of course there are always exceptions). On my site, if I don’t have to use a plugin, I don’t because the more you have installed the more that things can go wrong.

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