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Lara Kroeker Interactive

March 20th, 2011

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe…

I hope that everyone is very fine overthere, I am very fine too and my family doing great.

On 20thMarch 2011, we left Kondoa town at 09:00am by jeep to Cheeku, we delayed due to the rain, and we arrived at Cheku village around 10:38am, the road was wet so our driver drove very careful.

The work of an early stage of building the water tank started at 10:44am. An engeneer and his team work assisted by Cheku villagers worked for primary stage of the water tank, in this stage is just wire mesh and very small wire mend together to make a round cycle which in the next stage the other raw materials will follow to make a concrete water tanks, see my picture report of the work.

As well late we went to the project site (Borehole) our intettation to show an engeneer for the 2 water tanks will be built, I explained to Mr. Yussuf by the time I and Mr. Clive we was there and where exactly point Clive recommended for the 2 water tanks, was just 40 meters from the Borehole, and this must be there according to the sunrise location, an angeneer proved himself for the distance- see the picture report…

Late we dug the area for the concrete foundation. There a discussion for the cattle trufle, since health and environmetal friendly is very important for this water project, the previously site for cattle to drinking and local community doing washing selected upside of the borehole, Mzee Sayuu who was working for Kondoa water department now retired, through his experience he refused, then he recommended down side of the borehole, since cattle and local community by the time drinking and washing dirty water will keep flow further down to avoind contermination. Final own of the land Mzee Gufu agreed to give the land for the staff and Cheku village water committee will their responble for the envoronmental.

A true story I heard yestarday; A man was telling me that, very close to new season of rain season, was December last year, by that time water problem is very higher, normal in this period serching for the water is done by mid night, number of villages of 23 up 30 Women and Men, they was at a River for sercheng water, most of them they was into the local well deep down 10 to 15 meters. Since it was rained in Mountain side where water flow from there to down of the River, and the local community didn’t if it was rained overthere… water was flowing in very high speed, by luck one Man saw the water was flowing down to them, he just was wondering by himself, and asking question himself is water or not, late on he realised true that was water, he shouted to his fellows, and quickly everyone got of from the local well and run off from the River to a safety place, water was very strong enough to wash away all of the them, all the local well fulled water.
One Man who was there, he decided to volunteer his donkey cut to collect the stone and sand toward on this water project, he say he should die by that day, is better for him see the problem is over. He say he will never forget the day in his whole life.

At 16:30pm we finish part of the work, as well tomorrow we are going for a third day.

Did you receive my pictures via MMS? I would like to know if you get them or not.

Much loves….
Moshi R. Changai
Project Manager
Cheku water Project.

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