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Lara Kroeker Interactive

Journey from Kondoa to Dar and Dar to Arusha

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe…

This a report from my journey Kondoa to Dar, and Dar to Arusha.

On sunday left Kondoa at 06:00am and arrived at 19:48pm. On Monday went to Canadian High Commission, met Mary Mgaya, she was very nice than I expected and very coparative, as well one lady I forget to ask her name, she sent by Mary to bring the documents(Hard copy I brought there) to senior Man of the Canadian High commission to be signed, real she was very good too, they encouraged me so much the way they was working very fast. Final I given the 4 cheque worth 29,165,000.50. By the time I left there was 11:00am, I went to the bank to deposit the cheque, since I needed to do special clearence, the time for doing so was left, it means special clearrence done by 10:00am, maximum, and no more.

On Tuesaday, I depart Dar at 07:30am and arrived here in Arusha by 19:40hrs, long trip but its ok for me.
Tomorrow I will go to meet my business manager bank, and I will deposit the cheque with request for the special clearence which will allow us to get the money by tomorrow or next day.

Mary, she asked me to make sure the money from the check available fast, and Clive cheque handed to him as well to pay a Contractor money for buying raw materials for builing the 2 concrete water tanks, and his wages. Sooner I get the receipts from them, I will be needed to bring the receipts to Dar before on 15thMarch 2011. Since their going to close the anual finincial report, by meweting the date, she will be able to release the money left which is Canadian $ 2,000.
I advise, just email Clive, to write Invoice for the payment with cheque and total money. The way I know we are not going to pay all of them.
Lara, the money will be in local currence, so ask him to accept them not in Dollar, he will need to look for the exchange rate of tomorrow. Did you provide him the contract for the work? I don’t remember, sorry.

Much loves….

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