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DAY 10 (April 2nd, 2009)

Yet another delay.


Myself, I am fine and hoping that everyone there is fine too.

Depart in Kondoa. I and Mr. Bago left Kondoa an early at 07:a.m since we agreed to leave early and arriving early at the water project site. We arrived at the water project site early for drilling start.

Water project site.

We found the problem still going as the day before we left. The Rig before had problem from the GEAR BOX TRANSMISSSION including Bering problem. Today on 2nd April’09, the Rig has another problem; I and Mr. Bago were told the problem is main hydraulic pumping system.

At 10:00a.m Mr. Wilson and Mr. Toni left to Dar-es-Salaam with spear has problem. They hope to fix a spear there or either to buy a new one. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Toni expecting come back within 3/ 4 days from the day they left. As a project Manager I asked Mr. Wilson to report the problem to Mr. Dominick with detailed an email even though I will send my report too.

My suggestion.

As a Project Manager I do suggest that: 1. I have experienced one problem from the Truck (Rig). An early was Clutch plate which caused such long delay of the truck arrived as the contract said. 2. The truck when arrived at site we expect drilling to happen next day, on that day was no drilling this due to the another problem as I reported to you, in reminding you a problem was a bearing operate a rig during the drilling. 3. Today on 2nd’March’09 at morning we expected the drilling going to perform, there was no drilling once again.

Kindly, I don’t hope if Mr. Wilson and Mr. Toni the day back from Dar and fix the problem if the drilling will start. Ok it might start!! If so everyone will be happy for the drilling start. I am so much worrying since we had problems from the same Rig caused much delay, this Rig we depend on to drill and make the dream of everyone comes true.

I advise, Mr. Dominick can ask Mr. Wilson to confirm we are not going to face more trouble from the same important tool, and once again any problem will happen, he have to send another Rig, not keeping fax problems occurred.

Much Love…….
Moshi R.Changai

(In Country Representative)
Cheku Water Project.

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