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Lara Kroeker Interactive

March 20th, 2011

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe… I hope that everyone is very fine overthere, I am very fine too and my family doing great. On 20thMarch 2011, we left Kondoa town at 09:00am by jeep to Cheeku, we delayed due to the rain, and we arrived at Cheku village around 10:38am, the road was wet so […]

March 19th, 2011

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe.. On 19th March 2011, the phase 4 of the water project started. We late a bit to leave kondoa town due to the rain, all raw materials carried by vehicle Fusso to cheku village. Myself and photographer we used motorbike Honda. An engeneer and his team work started the work […]

March 17th, 2011

Hi Lara, Loc and Zoe.. Hoping that everyone is ok, I am ok and my family doing great,. I am just update, now I am in Kondoa and tomorrow I will meet contractor for final preparation, on saturday we will be at the project site for the work of concrete water tanks. Coming back trip […]

Change Request Approved.

Hi Lara I would like to let you know that I met Mary, gave her the financial report which I named as part one of the financial report and part two will be brought to her after the project finish, I inclosed with letter informing that the second part of the financial need the project […]

Update from Moshi

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe… Hoping that everyone is doing great!! I and my family we doing great too. My baby girl she is recovering slowly and in fact, no worry and now she eating…. 1. The first day I went to Clive office just to pay the cheque for his work, he read the […]

Change request: Sim Tanks to Concrete Tanks

Hi Mary, I wanted to give you a technical update and get your advice. We have an issue with the six 5000L SIM tanks. We can’t get any transport company or even Cement trucks to agree to transport them to Kondoa before May or June because of the rainy season. In addition to this, Moshi […]

Journey from Kondoa to Dar and Dar to Arusha

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe… This a report from my journey Kondoa to Dar, and Dar to Arusha. On sunday left Kondoa at 06:00am and arrived at 19:48pm. On Monday went to Canadian High Commission, met Mary Mgaya, she was very nice than I expected and very coparative, as well one lady I forget to […]

CIDA Check has been granted

Moshi has received the check from CIDA after a long trip to Dar Es Salam and now the pump installation process is officially in motion. Thank you CIDA!!!

The cheku village meeting for the Water project

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe… Hoping that everyone is fine, I am slowly recovering, somehow feeling better.. Find down here the Meeting report… The cheku village meeting for the Water project. Transport: Hired motorcycle Type: Honda- XL 250cc Venue: Cheku Village. Time: 16:09hours Attendance: 107 AGENDA: 1.Opening the meeting 2.Preparation for the phase 4 of […]

Power Providers Land Survey

Hi Lara and Loc Yesterday saw 12 hours on the road, 9 plus hours solid driving for 647Km some of it in the pouring rain over slippery dirt roads!! I’m getting a tad too old for this! The trip was worth it though and the large rainfall the night before pointed out that the location […]