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The cheku village meeting for the Water project

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe…

Hoping that everyone is fine, I am slowly recovering, somehow feeling better.. Find down here the Meeting report…

The cheku village meeting for the Water project.

Transport: Hired motorcycle
Type: Honda- XL 250cc
Venue: Cheku Village.
Time: 16:09hours
Attendance: 107
1.Opening the meeting
2.Preparation for the phase 4 of the water project.

1. Opening the meeting
At 16:12hrs Cheku Village Executive Officer, all the attendance to keep quite, he welcomed Cheku Village Chairman to open the meeting, and gave me a room to tell the local community the reason being in Cheku, as well asked Cheku Village leaders to arrange the MEETING.
I greeted everyone cheerful and replied same back to me.
I expressed to the cheku local community the phase 4 of the water project going to happen either end of February or an early dates of March.
Explained the way Lara and other people working very hard to make sure the water project going to happen, my trip to Dar for signing the fund contract, explained the very hard work done by Queen Victoria Water projrct for the FUN request.

3. Preparation for the phase 4 of the water project.
Here I xeplained very correct to them, the water pump installation, solor power fitting as well building concrete water tanks at the project site. This going to happen end of February or an early date of March, so far I requested everyone to be ready for program. Asked them do they feel right to volunteering? participate fully for the program. Much more I facillitate everything and get ready for the matter. In fact, everyone was very exited with the news and promised to be there to make sure that everything going to be met, elders promised to be there as witnesses since they will not be able to work, just can work for easy things, women was very happy indeded, since the problem going to be solved or finish.
a) Explained about maximum security for the panels, water pump and safetyness of the water by the time water fulled into the water tank. They planned to be committed themselves to make sure nothing danger going to happen, the water village committee will be their total duty. Small house with just with 2 rooms will be built at the water project site, this will be used by security guard, according to villagers either one of the villager’s will be employed parment as a security guard with equvallent CV. (Profession using arrow and bow) By night the man will be watchful at the project water site. During the day, the water committee will gives duty themselves for making sure nothing going to be damaged, right of everyone collecting the water etc.

Since most of the local community dosen’t haves environmental knowledge, I expalined very clearly about the issue.
– Water project site required to be clean, no rubish in the area.
– Water project site must be planted various tree spices, for example Fruit tree and Shade tree. KICHECO will bring various trees, and will volunteer for the tree planting together with them.
– Dirty water must be guided to one place, must make sure not everyplace mud spreads.
– Cattles, must drinking water a far distance from the water project site, here to avoid contermination.
– The arae reqiured to remain green throughout a year.
– No overflow water from the concrete water tanks.
– Safe, and care for the water tanks, solar panels and water pump.
– Donation or contribution after the water project finish, here by the time everyone coming to collet water ( For the services of the equipments to make sure the Cheku water project is sustainabilty)
– Cleaning the water tanks, either by 1 or 2 weeks.

Final, I promised them 1 or 2 person from Kondoa District- water department will organized by KICHECO to give them fully knowlegde with water issue. The faces of the local community was fully joy and everyone was smiling by the time I was asking the Cheku village Chairman to seat down, and to close the meeting.
Chairmain of the meeting closed the meeting by 18:30hrs.

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