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Lara Kroeker Interactive

Meeting with Mary

Hi Lara

I am just update, I met Mary even though today here is holiday most of the Government offices closed.

She gave me the final cheque, I should deposit and ask for the special clearence in order Clive should be able to withdraw his final payment. Due to the holiday no any bank is oparates today. Tomorrow I will do it and no doubt by afternoon Clive can draw his money.

Thanks, I have the attached file, I printed them to check them for my erros and missing receipts.

Mary, was very happy with the pictures, she said by the time she is going to prepare a report will help her. We talked about the receipts, real she worked very hard to make sure we get the final cheque, the receipts I sent her was very helpful unless we shouldn’t got the final cheque, Lara, understand that the receipts I sent Mary and you not completed. I told even Mary the financial report will be sent to her, and I promise to send you too. Mary understood, and she gave me idvise, to give details with receipts.

Through, Mary in Canadian High Commission, got help from IT, named Jonnas, he helped me with my mobile phone, according to him, I required to see an Airtel services providers where they will do all setting with my phone. I went to see them, their office were closed due to Karume day (Holiday) Tomorrow I will see them. I forgot my mobile phone’s cable, so tomorrow I meet Jonnas with it and he promised to take all my pictures into PC, and will help me sending to you….

Yestarday, I arrived Dar nearlly to the midnight, we got stuck on the way from Kondoa to Dodoma, was ok.

Thanks, I picked the photographer’s money and I paid him in Dodoma, we travelled together to Dodoma. His work was $ 50 per day, $ 50x14days= 700, you sent me $ 300, his balance is $ 400/= Your budget for photographer was $ 300/= From the time you sent the budget I worked very hard to find a professional for doing it, more than 4 person refused, they was demanding higher payments, $ 200 per day, down to $ 120 per day. A final photographer agree for just helping me, for $ 50, food and transport paid by me. I hope his work is great, by the you will see the films will tell….

Now is 19:25hrs, tomorrow I will spend a day in Dar, on Sutarday I will leave to Dodoma and proceed to Kondoa. So, I advise better send the balance money for a photographer is possible by day in your time or night, I will be able to pick them by tomorrow. In kondoa I am worrying big amount is problem to get them. I promised photographer to pay his balance by the time I will be back.

Greetings and special hello to Zoe…

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