Control Freak?

Wordpress Tips and Tricks

Yes I am! It’s so important to make sure you have a system for user roles and what different people will be doing on the site.  In many cases it is just one person as administrator so this is not really an issue but in a scenario where there are multiple users updating the site there are many things that can go wrong. The main thing is to think about it.

Why? Imagine if someone has admin access and they decide to change the theme and then everything breaks. You would never set up a company without defining people roles and wordpress is no different.

Here are user role summaries in wordpress:

Super Admin – somebody with access to the site network administration features and all other features. This is more or less FTP access and the site owner will be in charge of this.

Administrator (slug: ‘administrator’) – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site so can change plugins, themes and add users.

Editor (slug: ‘editor’) – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.

Author (slug: ‘author’) – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.

Contributor (slug: ‘contributor’) – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.

Subscriber (slug: ‘subscriber’) – somebody who can only manage their profile.

WordPress is highly customizable and there are a myriad of details and options.  If you would like to take a WordPress Bootcamp workshop or want custom consulting for your company or organization’s site call (604) 724-7103.  I love teaching people how to stay in control of their own sites.

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