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ZOE blog post 2

Jumbo (that means hello). heres how you count to five in swahili: Emoji (1) , Embili (2), Tatu (3), Ney (4), Tano (5)

Today we left the “new african hotel” thankfully. I didn’t like it very much because it had a weird smell to it and the wifi sucked, although the pool was really nice. In the taxi me, the two big boxes of presents (for the kids in Cheku) and Moshi were all crammed into the back of the cab. Driving down the streets of Dar was and still is so nerve wracking. people are being honked at from everywhere, pedestrians walking an inch away from the car, and motorcycles going too fast. Here in Tanzania people honk to warn others that they’re coming, unlike canada where we honk if were mad. It wasn’t as nice as the other one but it’s more open and smells better. After we got settled in and checked our social media we decided to go to a coffee shop since the hotels right in the middle of downtown. Apparently coffee shops aren’t a regular thing here in dar so we were sent to a place that mostly served food. I wasn’t that hungry and neither was mom but we sat down anyways and ate. Moshi wasn’t there to translate for us so we were on our own. We were a little lost. So me and Lara walked into this little blue open restaurant on the corner of the street. it was called “A tea Room”. Inside it had a bunch of scratched off no smoking signs and tiny kitchen and was decorated with fake flowers and trees. me and Lara went to go order our food from the guy standing beside the cart. after we sat down and got our food which was pretty good. it was a deep fried samosa and a pork but. All the food ive eaten here so far is completely deep fried, which is fine with me. Once we were done eating we decided t get more. So i got mommy to go up and get another thing to eat. Once she came back and we were waiting we both suddenly realized that were supposed to order. We had actually gone right into their kitchen and taken the drinks and food out of the restaurants fridge! i was pretty embarrassed because we were these little tourists that were pretty unaware and lost. After that incident we decided to go back to the hotel and rest for a bit. When Moshi returned we went to go eat dinner cause it was getting late. Walking down the streets is even scarier than driving. Cars are brushing your arm while people are trying to sell you things. There so many distractions. The place fro dinner was the best food ive had since i got on that plane! It took a while to order because me and Lara are really slow but it was ok cause the food was heavenly. We could smell the food from a mile away because it was being smoked right on the street. there were all types of things from lamb to beef to kebabs to chicken wings. We tried to order something that looked really cool and yummy but the guy actually told us it was cow fat on a stick, so we ordered the lamb kebab instead (this time we sat down first). It cam with fries and chapata bread. After I was stuffed so we went home with our belly’s completely full and now bedtime.

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