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The pump is Installed and Pumping

Dear Lara,

This is to inform you that the pump is installed and pumping. The pump test was completed and the pump yield as specified. We had a problem with a faulty float switch but managed to source another one in Kondoa, otherwise the installation was straight forward.

Moshi called me yesterday and asked me why we hadn’t supplied a galvanised steel pipe to supply water to the tank that has been built there. This was never my understanding because I did not expect the tanks to be ready for the water connection. My technicians tell me that the tanks are indeed still under construction and it is my expectation that the pipe fitting for the borehole pump will be built into the tank once the build reaches this point. If you review our invoice there is no mention of any tank fittings, galvanised or otherwise. As of now we have left the entire 150M length of pipe available (we quoted for 130m but the rolls come in 150m lengths so we have left the balance), the pump is on and it is providing water for the construction requirements.

Moshi just called me from the site and has been briefed by my lead technician, Shayo, as to the operation of the pump and was handed the keys to the boxes. It really is quite simple. Either it is switched off or on. Obviously, as the tanks are not yet ready we could not commission the system completely with the float switch in the tank but it is connected to the pump controller and we have left instructions as to how to ensure that it is installed correctly.

Moshi informed me that your accountant would pass by our offices here in Arusha to make the final balance payment tomorrow. I will provide you with the invoice marked paid once he has given us the cheque. Your deadline of March 31st was achieved! I will give the receipt for the balance payment to the accountant when making payment. Do you want me to scan a copy?



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