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Lara Kroeker Interactive

ZOE blog post 5

The hotel room is as small as my closet. There are 2 rickety and and musty twin beds with furry floral blankets on either side of the room. Yet the city is beautiful.
Outside I can hear the bristles of a broom going back and forth along the sidewalk. The constant honks and chatter among the people create a soundscape. Everyone seems to be smiling here. On the streets there are rows and rows of people sitting with their plastic chairs and holding out the crazy assortment of things you can buy. There’s everything from watches to bananas, to t-shirts and phone cards. The people come to you yelling and trying to persuade you to come and buy their things. They’re so close you can feel their breath and you can see the sweat dripping from their faces. The musty smell reminds me that I am not home and the sounds, smells and even the roads are all the things that define Arusha.

It’s an experience I could have never imagined and I notice things differently than when I was a child.

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