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September 15th, 2009


On 3rd Sep’09 late evening the new mud pump arrived from Dar-es-Salaam. By that day Mr.Beda asked me to be at a water project site.

On 4 th Sep’09 the new mud pump setting and tried if can work good, late in the evening a new mud pump shown positive results.

I traveled from Dar-es-Salaam and arrived late in the evening at 18:20hrs.
On 5th Sep’09 at 08:30am the drilling started, the drilling exercise was so much successful, there no any problem with the new mud pump, from the previous 63 meters, the drilling went deep down to 72 meters. In this stage the sand formation were very good and shown high percentages of water availability.

On 6th Sep’09 at 08:37am the drilling started, today again the drilling performed very good, the villagers attended to the project site was very happy and everyone was so much exited due to the drilling action, from 72 meters, today we reached 96 meters deep. The only problem was fuel (gas) finished for operating drilling tools. If fuel didn’t run out the drilling had gone deep more down.

On 7th Sep’09 the drilling didn’t happen, there was no fuel (gas)

On 8th Sep’09 at 08:29 the drilling started, from 96 meters to 110, the drilling exercise performed well, Mr. Beda I and Joseph we had very hardly discussion, the time drilling reached 110 meters deep, due to the results shown, they explained to me and logical the PVC installation needed to be applied. (Remember at this point Mr. Baga a water technician was needed urgent) From the previous time I tried to call him and floated my SMS, the time SMS delivered we talked and told me was not easy him to be with us at project site. He was working in Mbeya Region-the Southern Highlanders part of Tanzania. Surely he wished to be there for the work but was not possible for him to come. Final I, Mr. Beda and Joseph we made a decision for PVC installation for rescue WELL life. Even the time I talked to Mr. Bago he advised me to agree the situation.

On 9th Sep’09 at 08:20am the PVC installation work began, from bottom of the WELL and PVC penetrated into the well to 72 meters. The problem happened due to sand formation the PVC didn’t go more deep from the point. Then they pulled all them out. The dark made us to stop working.

On 10th Sep’09 08:30 since the PVC setting failed the previous day, today the exercise were to clean the WELL from the walls of the Well corrupted into the WELL, this were the factors of PVC stuck. Cleaning action was good. The PVC installed and reached 78 meters deep. Again didn’t go deep more down, we had a discussion, Mr. Beda, Joseph and me, Mr. Joseph is Hydrologist by profession from Hydro Tech, final we agree gravel applied, more deep of 78 meters found clay formation normally clay have no characteristically of water availability. The gravel exercise performed well and a bit of well development really happened.

On 11th Sep’09 at 08:32am Well development (water cleaning) the Cheku villagers who attended at the water project site was very happy on this day by their own eyes witnessed the water from this well. The time gravel applied dropped itself into the WELL; I asked and told that was normal and better because gravel arranged itself down the WELL. The gravel finished at site and fuel too. This day Cheku community will never be forgotten to them, since now it’s very dry in the area. In this dry season women and young children walk so far distance to collect water, must wake up mid of the night to find water and sometimes they don’t find water. The community attended to the project site was no believe the time seen water most of the brought their cattle’s to drink and collected water for washing at home.

12th Sep’09 from 08:30 Well development performed, slowly water start to look clean and the more exercise was moving on and water look so clean. We have very good luck with water since everyone tested it find no salt, I mean good luck for finding sweets water.

On 13th Seep’09 and 14th Sep’09 No work done at the project site, I can state that the Water drilling hade finished even though not at all in this Phase, tomorrow they will do back fill for the WELL.

The drilling team expecting to leave in a few days, the pump testing department will come to the site for the pump testing. The information I given by Mr. Joseph the time we had discussion for the pump testing.

Moshi R. Changai
(In Country Representatives)

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