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POST 5: Warm Nights

We decided to stay one more day in Dar so that we could meet up with Florence but had to move hotels because the one we were in was all booked up. We sent the 3 big boxes to Kondoa because we will be taking buses for the rest of the trip and needed to lighten our load. Moshi went off for the afternoon and Zoe and I decided to walk around.

We have been hanging with Moshi and meeting people so haven’t really been on our own so it caught me a little off guard when we walked down the street alone and were approached by people selling safari’s, wares and food. You have to be “on” here when you walk around because we are clearly Mzungu’s. Simple things, like ordering at a restaurant, are not obvious and, routine tasks, like making the phone work, is super confusing because all directions are in Swahili. It makes you learn how to be humble and patient.

Moshi came by and we figured out facebook and posting together. Social media will be a very important and exciting part of our company. After a few hours Florence came by with her nephew and we all went to dinner on the street, There is nothing better than a warm breeze, good company and yummy street food!

One more thing: Zoe has decided to call me Lara instead of mom.

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