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POST 2: I see light (Nimeona mwanga)

You know that feeling when you wake up a little confused and don’t quite know where you are and then you shake it off and everything is super normal again? That happened this morning but things were not normal – I looked out the window and listened to the call to prayer, watched the woman in their colourful dresses walking down the street, some with water buckets on their heads and I couldn’t shake that dream state.

I have jet-lag but it will ware off soon.

There is a huge problem with electricity and sometimes it will go off for a few days, even in a big city like Arusha, and that means only one thing for me…cold showers. I am a bit worried about all of my camera equipment because it all needs to be charged, however, if worse comes to worse I will just hook up my inverter and charge it from a car battery.

Last time I cracked open the bag of candy that I was going to give the school kids BUT this time I have had to open the windup flashlight I was (and still am) going to give the village chief. When there is no electricity it really, really dark.

I look forward to getting out of Arusha and onto the bus to Kondoa.

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