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Lara Kroeker Interactive

POST 2: Arrival

I met Moshi at the airport with his friend.  I had been traveling for over 21/2 days without sleeping so was worried I would just keel over on my arrival but happiness and joy trumped tiredness and we talked about our families, current events and of course our hopes for the next month on the 45 minute drive into Arusha.

I packed a really kickass medical kit.  I can suck the poison out of a venomous snakebite, I can sling up a broken arm, I can supply you with every single size bandaid there is on the market, I can stop bleeding if you are impaled by a spear or a wooden stake, I can staple you back together if you get bitten by a lion BUT I’ll be damned. I forgot cold and flew medicine and jet lag has hit me hard and made my cold a little worse but it’s not so bad that it’s going to stop me from doing what needs to be done.

I was brought in and out of my jet lagged sleep by the muslim call to prayer, which if anyone has not heard is a beautiful way to wake up.  I’m sure the meaning is much deeper but for me it’s a reminder to slow down and breathe and listen to the world. Soon after I heard singing that got louder and louder as 100’s of people joined in a procession celebrating easter and ended up in the field across from my hotel.  It sounded like multiple choirs from all directions.

We are now in Arusha and planning how we are going to get out to the villages.  The rains came late this year (which meant many cash crops failed) and are just coming now which makes the roads too dangerous for the overcrowded buses so we are going to see what happens in the next day or so.  We also met with Abu and Beka to talk shop (how cool is it that shop is the serngeti!) and tomorrow we are heading to see the office.

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