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POST 10: Nimechoka

My feet hurt.  I mean really hurt.  Not just like a little tired but blistered and red and achy.  The day usually starts out with me and Moshi and the driver and our plans are simple but then someone needs a ride so they hop in and by the time we are half way to were ever we are going the car has filled up with another 5 people.  One thing or another happens and something that we thought was going to be an hour turns into three and it usually involves walking.  With extra people.  Up a hill.  In the hot sun.

We went to Kolo to see the office this morning and I met Yasinta there who I had worked with last time on the environmental projects.  She was living in Arusha and has decided to move back to Kondoa to work with Moshi.  We were talking about the sac gardens and it she said she made 3 for herself in Arusha over the last year and they worked very well.  She is now the head person in charge of teaching people how to make them properly!

Then we headed out to the rock paintings to get some pictures for the website.  It’s a bummer because I got honey on my lens this morning so all my pictures have this big blob in the centre on my wide angle so now I know to wash my hands after eating honey AND keep a lens cloth handy.  Oh well.

Business happens on the streets with everyone standing around listening. On the way to Pahe we bumped into the village officer and told him about our tree planting projects and he thought a collective would be wonderful there so he is going to have a village meeting tonight to start one. They will all be at the party we are going to have in a few days.

We have decided to paint the office green (to represent the environment) plus then people will then be able to say “head to the green office to see Moshi.”

We went for dinner at a little local restaurant in the village (more like a stand) and on our way out an old man, who looked to be in his 60’s, asked for a lift.  We dropped him off 5km outside of the village which he would have walked.  I am not going to complain about my own feet because I can’t imagine what a 60 year old foot here looks (and feels) like.

Nimechoka (I am tired) and will keep this post short.

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