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JULY 31, 2009.


The Village Executive Officer called a village meeting, the village meeting should be held on 26thJuly 2009, I asked the Cheku village Officer to move forward the meeting due to my absent by that date. The village meeting forwarded to on 28 July 2009 by this day I attended but the village meeting didn’t happen due to a woman in the village passed away big numbers of villagers went for the funeral. The village meeting named to be on 31 July 2009.

On 31 July 2009 the village meeting held the main TOPIC was WATER PROJECT- WHY THE DRILLING TAKES MONTHS? INSTEAD OF VERY FEW DAYS?

Individual’s villagers contributed their ideas, talked much about the break down of the Rigs and drilling tools, the drilling company not better, the company were not prepared for the drilling, gods didn’t apses. Other talked about the villagers who are from the water source are not happy.

Mr. Beda, a driller from hydro tech company explained about his company, that is a better company drilled so many wells in various part of Tanzania, the break down it normal situation sometime happen, and promised by the mad pump drilling method very few days the well drilling will complete.

The village elders promised to slaughter a he and she lamb to apses the gods.
As a project manager, I asked the community living far distance from the water source should not be unhappy if is it true are angry with that matter. I reminded them and explain the water project going phase to phase, after the water available the engine will be installed, the water reservoirs will be building and water will be supplied to the sub-village where they can walk a very short distance to collect water.

Since the mad pump method drilling need water to be poured into the well, by this day the drilling didn’t performed due to lucky of water. I mobilized the community to bring water to the site even though going to be very hard work because will need to walk very far to collect water, now it’s dry everywhere so finding water it’s real very hard work. Almost all at the meeting was very happy and promised to bring water to the site in order the drilling to continue. Final the village chairman closed the meeting; I witnessed community’s faces happy after the meeting.

No doubt the drilling will performed tomorrow on 1 August 2009, since communities going to participate hardly collecting the water to the project site.

Moshi R. Changai
(In Country Representatives)

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