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JULY 14, 2009


On 14th July’09 the hemmer bit arrived from Dar-es-Salaam, late in the evening.

On 15th July’09 the hemmer bit sub member didn’t fit to the drilling pipes, so Mr. Beda took it to Kondoa town for repair in order to fit with the drilling pipes. He came back by the day evening.

On 16th July’09 using hemmer method the drilling continue, real this day the work didn’t merit due to walls of the well keeping falling into the well, very few clay brought out the big quantity remaining into the well. I asked a driller slow of the work he explained to me problems was wall of the well behind of the fitted cases collapsed since being very soft meanwhile mixing with water, so far he told me that the better method to be used is MAD PUMP. He phoned in Dar-es-Salaam office to bring the mad pump.

On 17th and 18thJuly’09 no drilling since the mad pump didn’t arrived yet.

On 18th July’09 I left at project site, I traveled to Arusha to meet my clients. My intention was to be back by the next day soon after complete the safari arrangements.

On 18th July’09 the MAD PUMP arrived by evening. On 19thJuly’09 again the mad pump sub connection member didn’t fit with drilling pipes. Again the day went for fixing the problems, at site the drilling team worked by fixing the cements to the holes beside the drilling point, there the big hole beside the drilling point prepared for stored of the water, the mad pump method need water and special clay to be fixed to an early water streams.

On 20th July’09, only 2 meters drilling by using mad pump method. The exercise was not so good.

0n 21thJuly and 22nd July’09 by using mad pump method drilling done from 42 meters to 50 meters.

On 23rdJuly’09 break down happened, a tool knows as copper ring at French shaft connection to the hydraulic pump. The drilling exercise stopped.

On 24th July’09 Mr. Beda a driller traveled to Dodoma especial for fixing a problem with a drilling tool, in Dodoma industrial didn’t be able to fix the problem. Then he traveled to Dar-es- Salaam. I called him and gave me explanation that the tool will be take couple od days to be fixed.

On 27th July’ 09 again I called Mr. Beda and confirmed to me that tomorrow on 28thJuly’09 he will be given the tool and next day, on 29thJuly’09 he will travel back to the water project. He told me that no doubt on 29th July’09 the drilling going to start again.

Today on 27th July’09 I overnight in small town know as Babati, tomorrow on 28thJuly’09 I will proceed to Kondoa town then by motor bike to Cheku village for the attending a village meeting concerning with water project. Cheku village Executive called this meeting which will be held at 02:30p.m.

Moshi R. Changai
(In Country Representatives)

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