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DAY 8 (March 31st, 2009)

Another update:

1. Moshi had a conference with the community to keep them up date about the water project and what to expect
2. The engineers continued to set up the rig
3. They had to check the rig because there was a problem with the gearbox.
4. They spent most of the day testing the equipment and fixing the gearbox.
5. Right now testing has been finished and drilling is expected to happen tomorrow


Hoping everyone is fine this moment. I am fine and everything still going fine. Only yesterday I had sick that happened due to the heavy-downpour occurred the time we have been at the water project site. Right now I am very fine.

Hydro Tech.

Mr. Wilson and the drilling team arrived yesterday-on 30th March’2009. Around at 02:28p.m. Kelema village along the Great North Road, from Kelema village to the water project site- Cheku village it’s just 6/7 km.

I and Mr. Bago we met the drilling team at Kelema village, since we have been contact the time they left in Dodoma town, we left Kondoa town to Kelema village in order to wait for them.

The Road to Cheku village after main Road, I mean the 6/7 km was not very good especial this time during the rain season. Took us several times to discuss and final we decided to check a road both of us, Mr. Wilson used a his Land Rover 4×4 ,I and Mr. by Suzuki Vitara 4×4, before the Rig going there. We didn’t find the Road good enough for the Rig to pass through. We asked Cheku local community to work for the Road especial at the very bad places; the exercises went as we planed and final the Rig didn’t stuck any where.

Water project site.

The Rig directed to the actual site for the drilling, Mr. Bago and I we proved the drilling point is the real written in the survey report, as well the Cheku village water committee and elders proved too.

Mr. Wilson and drilling team tested mechanical staff from the Rig. Since they had had problem from the Gear Box, all of us we agree that today, on 31thMarch’2009 they have do final services from the previous problem and make sure the time we start drilling we don’t going to face the same problem.

The Rig operated by transmission from the gear box, there noises when the Rig is on, technician confirmed to us is going to fix the problem before we start to drill.

Cheku villagers.

Women, Men, Children and elders was at site to witnesses what was happening, here everyone was so much exiting, happy and cheerful only for seeing the rig arrived, everyone talking and wish the water to be found. As well they was asking so many questions when people from Canada will arrival in the village, they didn’t if real things going to happen.


The contract with car owner started on 23rd March’2009 ending on 31st March’2009. Both we agreed the vehicle will be used daily from 06:00a.m till at 08:00p.m. Car not hired to any person during our contract, if a case happens automatically the contract wont work and money refunded to a client (Mr.Moshi.) Simple case with a car such as flat tire will be dealt a big problem avoiding delay to the site must the rescue vehicle sent not more that 2 hour from the accident happen.

Friendly and honest car owner agreed to give us an extra 3 days. This start on 1st April’2009 ending 3rd April. This it out of the contract, his doing so since the matter is helping local community, himself doing at as volunteering.


It took me not more 40min, expressing about the water project, reminding them how did it start, was not easy to collect the fund, the way Canadian contributed(donate) the whole project, talked special about Scholl children of the Queen Victoria Annex and their parents how hard working to make sure the water project happen. Explain to them the value of the water project, so far much care will be needed from themselves by any means to protect (maximum caring) the water project.

The time I was talking, I saw everyone eyes were agree what I was telling them.

Cheku village leaders talked very nice words to the community concerning the water project.

The drilling.

Tomorrow on 1st April’2009 we expect to start drilling as an early as possible. We are worrying from rain, right now I writing this email it’s raining here.

If the sky will be clear the exercise will be better. Hoping to update you.

Much love…….


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