The clients who I work with are the movers and the shakers in the world. They are leaders and ideas people. They are the dreamers.  They inspire and educate me.  They love what they do and I do too. If you are one of these people email me and let's talk.

  • RL

    Renee Lertzman

    An internationally recognized thought leader providing strategies suited for environmental work.

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    Adam Reid – Director

    A unique direct-to-client creative consultation and production house generating branded content videos.

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    Jessica Earle-Meadows

    Programs for female visionaries who are willing to get behind themselves in service of their dream.

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    The Moving Child

    A film that educates about the importance of dynamic movement in child development.

  • IA

    Innovation Africa

    A nonprofit on a mission to bring innovative solar and water technologies to remote African villages.

  • Black-History

    Working Voices

    Designed 10 posters and a media website for human rights days for the Canadian Labour Congress.

  • sg

    Susan Gamache

    A registered Psychologist and Marriage & Family Therapist helping families, couples and individuals.

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    Pacific Spirit School

    A play-based alternative school with increased academic emphasis in the intermediate age groupings.

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    Linda Rammage

    A provincially-registered and nationally certified speech-language pathologist PhD, RSLP, SLP(C)

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    Pacific Backlot

    A top-notch production services and equipment rentals to for feature films and photographers.

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    The McLean Group

    The Mclean group, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a diversified portfolio of privately held businesses.

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    Radcliffe Foundation

    Practises direct-impact philanthropy by taking a private-sector approach to aid delivery.

  • TK


    A non-profit partnership between Tree City and the the Youth Alliance to grow the urban forest.

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    Richmond Tourism

    Discover Richmond one bite at a time. Richmond BC: Where Far East Meets the Canadian West Coast.

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    Modern Mix Vancouver

    A lifestyle e-magazine dedicated to bringing information on events in the Vancouver community.

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    Down to Earth TV

    Visits indigenous people across the world who use traditional knowledge to care for the earth.

  • JasonFront

    Jaz Records

    A Vancouver indie record company with songs and sounds for the people who care.

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    Environmental Youth

    EYA works to engage and empower youth to create positive action for environmental health.

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    Green Heroes TV

    TV series that tells stories of people who acted on their ideas and heroically “ventured forth” to protect our planet.

  • VR

    360 degree video

    360 degree video for an immersive experience with the Google Cardboard using the theta camera.  

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    #H2Ope Campaign

    We filmed interviews at Strathcona and Iyoli based on questions the kids wanted to ask each other.

I've worked with many different organizations over the past decade including Douglas Coupland, the Olympics, Richmond Tourism and international clients from Texas, New York, Victoria, Tanzania, Malaysia and many other places around the globe.