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Lara Kroeker Interactive

This is my Story

The stories I tell are the ones that hold me up, that keep me going, that feed me hope.

The Water Flows

Today the water flowed to the different distribution points throughout Iyoli Village.

Breaking the Fast

The Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings were discovered by Dr. Mary Leaky.

Papaya and Chickens

Juma lives behind the hotel with his wife and today I spent the day at his house.


The last bits and pieces of any project are always tedious.

My Stolen Heart

It’s the second day of Ramandan and most people in Iyoli are fasting.

The Big Picture

Should I tell you only the good things or should I tell you the real story.

A Green Mamba

One day at the project site I saw something move in the bushes and I calmly said to Moshi “Is that a snake?”