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Lara Kroeker Interactive

POST 14: Maji

I’m never sure entirely where I am going. I know which village we are going to but I never quite know what to expect once I get there.

POST 13: Pamoja

Most mornings I wake up and think “What the hell am I doing here?” I came with the idea that I would start a safari company.

POST 12: Sherehe

I’m not really sure how to process today so I am just going to write about the events in order and think about them tomorrow.

POST 11: mti mkubwa

We headed out early in the morning to buy fruit trees for Cheku. Negotiations are beyond me here and I just watch.

POST 10: Nimechoka

My feet hurt.  I mean really hurt.  Not just like a little tired but blistered and red and achy.  The day usually starts out simple.

POST 9: kukwama

If I could only use one word to describe today it would be stuck (Kukwama). We started the day early with a rented car.

POST 8: Hawaelewi

One of the biggest challenges that I have here is communication, not just that I don’t know the language but I don’t really know what to ask for.

POST 7: Dagaa

I just ate an entire plate of anchovies. Yes tiny little dried fish. Actually “I think” they were anchovies.

POST 6: Moja Mbili Tatu Tabasamu

I spend a lot of time at the hotel which is kind of like staying at someone’s house so I sit and hang out like everybody else.