Aesthetics, technical expertise all sprinkled with a little bit of fun.

I am multi-disciplinary professional and my world runs the full spectrum of human experience and the globe. Whether I'm in Africa immersed in a not-for-profit water project, designing a website for significant corporate clients , creating a video story in a subway in New York, or running a wordpress workshop for start-up entrepreneurs, I'm here to engage with my world and with life in a compelling, beautiful way.

My creative abilities converge in development, design, photography and video all tied together with technical expertise. I have and can manage a team and know in depth what it takes to complete a project and get hands on when needed. I've managed everything from local developers to remotely working with plug-in creators and wordpress theme developers.

I am well travelled and curious with a love for British Columbia. I am interested in culture & in finding contextual meaning that comes from sound research. I am currently working with Innovation Africa and enjoy working with NGOs or not-for-profits who are seeking visual stories for projects that benefit from increased visibility. I am a highly experienced and a one-person media team who travels light, packs light, and is easy on the budget when compared to a full media team. I thrive in emergent visual story-telling, where we figure out the narrative on-site, live, and work with “what is” in local communities. I know how to create engagement with a soft footprint, and to self-minimize so the stories of those around me are amplified.

I am a musician (visit website). I loop violin and vocals to build song structures and the results are sounds of lush orchestral madness. I have played and toured across Canada and The US with indie groups Attics and Cellars, Sparrow (North America 2007), The Beauticians (Folk Festivals), The Insomniacs, The Mudlarks. I played with K-OS backup on the George Strombolopolis show, played festival stages with the legendary Odetta, performed on Canada Live on CBC Radio 2 with Attics and Cellars and in the Vancouver Philharmonic. I’ll be touring in BC, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal in Spring and Summer 2017.


An Emily Carr University of Art & Design graduate, Lara combines her talent for aesthetics with a deeply practical tech savvy-ness culminating in beautiful designs that last. A confident and engaging educator, Lara's workshops combine interpersonal warmth, play, and laughter in exploring the world of website design. A web strategist and developer for over 15 years, Lara's work has been recognized by Webbies for 5 consecutive years (Hit the Road).