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May 6, 2009


No doubt that everyone is fine, I am very fine too.

The drilling- today on 05thMay’09. As I reported early that Mr. Beda a senior driller from Mr. Wilson’s company, he came to Kondoa for the picking money for buying fuel, he picked the money around at 11:45a.m, my friends in Kondoa helped him to buy the fuel and finding the pickup car for the carrying the fuel to the project site. By 02:52p.m we arrived at the project site, we didn’t start the drilling by then this due to bit rain at site which cause everybody escapade from the site. At 11:03p.m we started the drilling until 06:40p.m. The drilling method is Air hammer and we drill from the previous meters of 26 meters deep to 34.57 meters by 6 and half meters diameters.

Hoping to continue the drilling tomorrow, even though the WELL its look as if had problems of the falling walls WELL into the WELL. This will be known tomorrow.

Much loves…..
Moshi R. Changai
(In Country Representative)

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