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The Community is starting to build a reservoir

1. Today I called Cheku village executive officer, we had very nice talking through mobile phone for Water project moving forward.

2. The bricks are ready and they had bunrnt them to be more stronger, when bricks made color is dark/pale, when you burn them by fire turned RED color. The time Cheku community made bricks, one day I partcipated with two my clients from Canada that was last year.

3. Village Executive officer suggested me to go there, will call the confrence since I will be there the community will be mobilsed for the reserviour to be done. Cheku village officer being himself and talk about the proccess of water reserviour community wont understand, will ask about me, because always when they talking about water project they do talk about me.

4. The bricks made from just distance of 1.5 kilimeters to the water source, that depend on the good quality of the brick’s cray, the community will carry the brick from that point to the water source for builiding the 2 water reserviours and 1 house for the pump engene(Generator)

5. Cheku community their happy having the water source from the day water found, to be so much happy just the day will be able to collect water from the water source, this time is very bad days for them, I have quiete long experince by this time they walks far distance to collect drinking, cooking and others uses water, not only that but also is harder to find waters.

1. Sand wont be needed be bought since there are so much sands, work is just to go at the river bank and bring to the project site.

2. 6 bags of cements needed to be bought, this have to be mixed with sand and water to build with the bricks.

3. Even though will be hard waork for the water to be brought to the project site no problem the community must do this work.

4. Wire mesh and iron picieces will be needed to make sure the water resevoiurs strong.

5. 8 bags of cements here in Arusha @ US $ 12, 2 wire mesh @ US 5, 10 iron picieces of milimeters 2/ 3 @ US 3

Mush loves……special greetings to Zoe, looks very nice all her pictures.


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