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Lara Kroeker Interactive

I met the district water engineer

Hi Lara,

I would like to let you know that I met the district water engineer. Find down here what he consults me with Cheku water project:-

1. In case we need to build a reservoir/ 2 small water tank at the project site, this is cheap, not needed survey to build. Disadvantage the local community will be required to walk to the project site to collect water. Too short life span of the water pump.

2. The big reservoir is bit expensive to build, this before build we must conduct survey, 2 technicians from Kondoa water department should conduct survey just for not less than 2 days. The survey will give us the results where and which level the reservoir will be implemented, at the hill side, the water distribution, water pipes meter, sub center where the local people will collect water. Water flow from the reservoir to distribution points. Having this kind of reservoir life span of the pump is many years, since water will be pushed when it’s full, the pump will be switched off.

3. According to the district water engineer, the solar pump (Submersible pump) cannot pump water beyond of 40 meters deep. He was wondering himself which type of pump and watts of the panels.

4. Tomorrow I will meet him again, by the time I went there was no electricity, so we couldn’t read the emails, I opened the documents saved to my desktop, will be easy to read them tomorrow.

Much love…


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