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Cheku village is 3720

Dear Lara,

Thank you…
The women 1057, children 1157, youth 222, old women 170, old men 230 and men 884 the total population of Cheku village is 3720.
This is latest data.

Tomorrow I will go to meet a senior water district officer; my intention is to look any assistance for the pump installation and the accurate informational for the water reservoir.

Through the water project I have seen from the other villages, no doubt that we will have the first water reservoir at the project site, simply we can call it water tank, and the big or main water reservoir for the water supply to the water center location, where the local community can collect water from that area.

The first one water tank through my experience and knowledge won’t be very hard to build and not very expensive. Let me me meet the water district officer I will email you the details and cost. The second or main water reservoir will be expensive and hard work to build, this will be built at the hill side and far distance from the water project site, no doubt as 2 to 3 kilometers away, by the time water pumped will go to the main water reservoir where then will flow down to the sub location center where the local community will be able to collect water, as well we must have one sub water location 0 or 10 meter distance close at the school.

How the reservoir will be built I mean which materials will be needed, I will send you the details tomorrow.

No doubt, Lara, the local community will be volunteer for the project since everyone much need the water, until now they don’t believe if things going to be done, most of them wish if they had had money they should finish themselves, just keeping play daily things to be happen.

Remember they made many bricks from the clay and burnt the bricks to make them hard, the work were very hard since didn’t need money they managed themselves.

Much loves special regards to Zoe.

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