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DAY 9 (April 1st, 2009)

Things are happening in African time. There is still a problem with the rig and it started to rain so the project area had to be drained.

NOTE: There is one rainy season, which occurs between December and April. The hottest months, June – October are the hottest months of the year with temperatures rising to over 35C at midday creating the desert like climate that creates the drought like conditions for the people of Cheku.


Real it has been raining a whole night until morning at 09:24a.m today on 1st April’2009.

I and Mr.Bago left Kondoa town to the drilling site at 09:00a.m, the Road was not real good for the car driven as normal speed due to the sleeper. We arrived at water project site at 10:45a.m.

Water project site.

Cheku local community working hardly to drain water from the rain around the site was hard for the drilling team to finish fixing the vehicle. Final water drained and given another direction to flow. It was great job done by local community.

Drilling/car technician went underneath of the Rig, from 11:30a.m to 06:00p.m.

There is Bering for gear transmission didn’t work. I and Mr.Bago witnesses only the car problem fixing and not drilling. Asked them why they didn’t fix it since yesterday. Told me that they should finish it the problem was rain.

My comments.

The drilling didn’t happen due to the Rig problem apart from rain, local community worked very hard to drain water to make sure the water drilling start. Also today we witnesses the arrival a competency driller, the way I and Mr. Bago observed there was no experts one can use the Rig, there was Mr.Wilson and 2 person but all didn’t know how to control and operate the Rig. A man arrived today he look is a one can operate a Rig.

I have been working very hard try send you pictures report, faceing problem with attaching files. Right now it’s 01:37a.m, just I going to sleep.


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