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Day 41 (May 5th, 2009)


I am very fine and hoping that everyone is fine too.

Today on 4thMay’09- I and Mr. Bago we depart Kondoa town at 09:36a.m, as we agreed yesterday with Mr. Beda- a driller, he phoned us at 09:18a.m just about the rig problem were solved, asked us to go to the project site for the drilling. We arrived at project site at 10:38a.m, by 10:45a.m the drilling started by widened the hole from the 3 meters by diameters of “12 and half, they should drill deep down to 26 meters as Mr.Bago advised, the drill goes deep only of 13 meters instead. Actual they didn’t success to drill by in large the WELL hole deep of 26meters due to lack of fuel (GAS).

Mr. Beda, a senior driller he should use a donkey cart as only means of transport for carrying the empty buckets to Kelema village where he supposed to wait for the public bus to kondoa. Real they doesn’t a car for the site operation, since he required to be in kondoa before the time hours for the Bank closed, I and Mr. Bago we decided to give him our rented car. He left with our driver living us at the project site.

The time arrived in Kondoa still the Bank was open, he didn’t be able to get the money which sent by Mr. Wilson, in Kondoa no BARCLYS BANK, so the money were in Dodoma by then, final Mr. Wilson promised him tomorrow on 4thMay’09 he will send him money to NMB Bank in Kondoa.This the way Mr. Beda informed me the time I called to know what is going there.

Mr. Beda will sleep in Kondoa town, in case will be true the money will sent an early as Mr. Wilson promised him, the money can be picked early, Mr. Beda can manage to buy the fuel early and go back to the project site for further drilling.

The Rig hasn’t problem, I don’t know tomorrow, by the time they was in large the hole everything was good. In case there was no luck of fuel they should drill more.

Tomorrow hoping the drilling will go on, Mr. Bago told me that the way rig will have no problem we have to expect the drilling of 40 to 50 meters deep.

Much loves…..
Moshi R. Changai
(In Country Representative)

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