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DAY 3 – 5 (March 26th – 28th, 2009)

The truck was still in Morogoro and there was nothing the water committee could do but wait. Toni Swai, the mechanical engineer, spoke regularly with Moshi with updates that usually ended with: “Tomorrow we will be there and start the drilling”.

Moshi was able to get the bluetooth on his computer working and he sent an email with an update to the water committee. Moshi’s broken english has not been edited. Please remember that english is his third language (Irangi and Swahili are his first) so ignore the grammatical errors.


Real it was so much terrible and horrible for what happened, I mean on my side the way Hydro Tech escaped to give me the necessary information. At least now it’s better.

A man called Toni Swai, his mechanical for the truck and duty during the drilling talked to me through mobile phone. Down here is what he told me:-
(a) They received a spear part from Nairobi in Kenya for truck- Plate clutch.
(b) On the way to fix and tomorrow on 28th March’2009 will arrival and start the drilling. I told him that, first they should fix the truck not promising about the drilling. He agreed my advice.
(c) He told me that, he spoke to Mr. Dominik.
(d) Told him that I was very happy to hear from him, even though it would be better to hear direct from Mr. Wilson. Asked him that, he must call me when ever to give to me the necessary information. Toni confirmed that he will update me. Here took me several minutes to let him know the problem is not their only problem, all we are facing the problem occurred to them. We are team work. One way of solving a problem is communication rather than not to pick a mobile when someone call you, you have to pass the information for anything going on, either you in a very good position or good position.

He called me again late after 3 hours, told me they didn’t finish to fix the truck because it was raining much, so told me they will fix it for finalize tomorrow on 29th March’2009 starting at 5:00a.m.
I agree what he told me.

The drilling
The way I think, if real tomorrow might truck be fixed an early, they can manage to arrival even late night, the drilling may start the next day (hopeful)
All in all let us wait and see what will happen.

Cheku local community.

Everyone is so exiting, got information from the village from one person named KIMOLO, met him here in Kondoa town, he told me that, daily villagers assembly in the village waiting for us to arrival. Cheku village Executive Officer, n asking them to leave and wait until the day of our arrival, they don’t even to move from the place, shouting and shouting, no problem for us about waiting for our team. Big problem for them is water collecting, their big problem going to be solved. So why not for them to stay/standing and witnesses the drilling team arrival and the action of drilling.

Much of love……….

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