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Day 28 (April 22, 2009)

For the past 2 weeks Toni, the lead engineer, has been in India getting a part for the rig. During this time Moshi returned to Arusha and Mr. Bago to Dodoma.

Toni went to India and returned with 2 technicians from to help repair the rig. Currently they are in Cheku with the water team from Hydrotech working on the rig.

Moshi and Mr. Bago are waiting until the rig is fixed to return to Cheku. It has been a very frustrating process waiting, waiting, waiting. Below is an update email that Moshi sent:


No doubt that everyone is fine there. I and my family we are fine too. I would like to pass you the information which I received from water project site.

Today on 21ththApril’09 at 09:30a.m local time, I talked to Cheku Village Executive Officer (VEO) I asked him if real Mr. Toni got down there with 2 Indians. His answers, yes and since the day before arrived by evening they was very busy repair the rig.

By this, on 12thApril’09 an early in the morning Mr. Toni left to Dar-es- Salaam while he left the 2 Indian technician still repairing the rig.

Again I called someone named Mr.Kimolo who is among the village water committee, since I needed to talk to one of the Indian technician. It didn’t work because the Indian speak a bit English, doesn’t either speak Swahili, also look very busy with a rig.

I asked Mr. Kimolo to connect me to any person from the drilling team, connected me to a young man named Francis. I asked Francis about the way moving on with Rig repairing and what has been found by the 2 Indians technician. What he told me not a big problem only the problem of previous-Main hydraulic pump. I asked again, the way he see or maybe heard from 2 Indian technicians is the work going to take two weeks? He answers- No. Maybe by Thursday or Friday this week the drilling will start. Only they were waiting for their colleagues who are on the way from Dar-es-Salaam to the water project site. The other staff from drilling team were expected by evening on 21thApril’09 with the new Main hydraulic pump. Francis told me further, the matter is the staffs arrive and the exercise fixing the Main hydraulic pump will not take more than 1 hour. I asked him more, if the drilling can start without Mr. Toni? Francis answered. Yes there is no need of him. There enough profession staffs who can operate the Rig during the water drilling.

I looking forward to talk to Francis again tomorrow since he talked nicely to me. The more information I will get from him, I will update to you.

Thanks and my regards to everyone.

Moshi R. Changai
(In Country Representative)

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