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DAY 215: OCTOBER 24th, 2009


Hoping all are fine, I am fine too.

Find down an detailed email with water pumping water test as I promised to do it. I am at the water project site, many women, children and babies carried by their mothers are in here to either witnesses the water pumping water test or collecting the water.

On 21st October, at 10: am arrived at Cheku water project site by hired motor cycle. Geologist from Hydro tech and driller was setting the pump and electrical water tape just ready for the water pumping test.

At 10:45a.m the water pipes carried by Cheku local community through instruction from water technician taken into the well, the exercise performed accordingly water technician and a driller started on the generator. The problem happened with generator, by this day from the starting hours till late evening the problem persisting, final the water pumping test didn’t happen.
My self, I helped water technician and borrow a same kind of generator in the neighbor village at Kelema, most of the people had generator but all seemed too small to operate the water pump.
On 22nd October’0 9. At 08: 38a.m back to the project site, an electricity technician from Kelema village worked hardly to fix the problem with generator, at 11:49a.m the problem with generator fixed by electricity technician. The plug was not worked, so we borrowed another plug to produce power with generator.

The pump carried again by local community and taken into the well. The generator switched on and worked properly.

Another problem occurred with water pump!! The water pump failed to pumping water out from the well, power switched on at several times, final water technician detected the water pump didn’t work, the problem was from the motor of the water pump.
We had discussion, and water technician called their office in Dar, promised to sent new water pump from by next day on 23rd Octber’09. In case the new water pump will sent by the promise day we agree to work the next day on 24th Octber’09.
My comments, the generator seemed to be old and not the good one, as well the water pump was the same, look tired as it worked either they didn’t try all the equipments before brought at the water project site. Electronic water tape worked well and the tool is a new one and better, most of the time was giving sound results when dropped into the well and touched water level.
The breaking information- The new water pump arrival yesterday, right now I am at the project site, the pump worked and water pumped out just 13 second per 22 liters water bucket. The generator failed again to work, so the exercise stopped, we are waiting for the electrician to fix the problem.
Moshi R. Changai
(In Country Representatives)

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