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Cheku Village Meeting

Attendance: Cheku local community, Women and Men
Venue: Cheku wate project site
Time start: 03:20pm

The long explanation took pace; from this day the water project belong to them since no one will look after, but themselves. Keeping explaining to them the whole water project cost a lots of money and the Canadian done very big work to help them, so since the water project handed to them, must take care for it, since the water project will damaged by any means, the problem will be face them not any one else. He reminded them, now they should proud the water project it’s belong to them, not like previously when they dig water on the river bank, everyone kept saying the local well is mine, meanwhile they didn’t know what water contain, maybe dead body of animal’s taken by floods and buried under the ground, local well, was not clean, safe. Was many hours spent during water finding, so now you will spent very few time just coming here to fetch water and back home, no time to loose. The school kids after get off from school will be able for sure to help you parents, since will be very easy work for them coming here and back home, can’t compared back before this water project. Real, this is very important for local communities’ life. Before he gave control box’s key to the Village Chairman, he asked kindly, must Cheku village Chairman and Villagers select very good and wise people for the water committee, whom will be very committed for the whole water project, and the person’s must understand that the water project is SUSITANALBLE, and new generation find it there….

These people, assured to the Cheku village meeting will be responsible for the water project, everyone exited to work for the water project and agree the with the election results. Here agreed that, late will have local government village meeting, where they will call even me to participate for the meeting, especial will discuss for the fees (small amount and reasonable everyone can afford) during the fetching water and cattle fee. This fee will be kept, for the water project maintenance. I suggested to them, they must open bank account for the money.

The promised, soon their going to start building security house. They asked me to seek an assistance to the Queen Victoria water project group in Canada for the, iron roofs, two window’s materials (Nails, coffee wire, final materials for the one door, cements bag and still iron). Their going to find themselves woods and everything which will be on their hands. This will need small budget needed to send late to Canada, that what I told them, to check if will be possible.

The point discussed here is, about DP, how will them will be able easily to draw water, it seems the DP- Domestic Point, needed to be built, this means first water will pumped to the water pumped to the 2 concrete water tanks, then will be drawn from the DP. This DP will need to be built 5 meters north of the 2 water concrete tanks. Being not an engineer I written down for meet an engineer to discuss about. As well we discussed about fenced wire around the solar panels with controller box and bore hole caped where there is submersible pump, this seems very important because there is open water plastic which is very easy can be destroyed, either when kids plays around can cut them, cattle pass under the solar panels can damage anything.

The meeting closed by Cheku village Chairman at 18:49 pm. Before doing it he thanked all who attended, especial women who came with their babies on their back.

Moshi R. Changai
Project Manager (In Country Representative)


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