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Lara Kroeker Interactive

Charge Controller Main Board

Dear Lara,

My technician, Steven, went to the site and changed out the charge controller main board. The problem was caused by my error. In the rush of getting my technicians on the road with hastely sourced solar modules replacing those trapped in customs I forgot to give my lead technician stringing instructions for the eight modules. Consequently he wired all eight in a series string giving a 96V nominal voltage. This is actually fine for most of the Lorentz pump range BUT not the one we installed for your pump which has a 72V nominal maximum. I actually caught the error later and was preparing to send someone to make the changes but the same day we got the message that the controller had failed and was displaying error lights. Steven changed the module stringing to two series strings of four modules wired in parallel to give 48V nominal and also changed the failed main board in the controller. He tested everything and it is working as it should.

There were problems finding transport in Kondoa to take Steven to site which delayed him a day.

I look forward to your feedback,


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