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August 2, 2009


The drilling started at 08:48a.m, the drilling performance was very good, from the previous 50 meters; they drilled more 6 meters deep. At 14:30hrs, they had break down to piston shaft, a driller took it to Kondoa town where it will be fixed.

The drilling was moving very fast, in case was no this break down they should drill more deep down by the evening.

The Cheku community brought water; at the site the car hired by the Hydro tech also collected water. The way drilling going deep down, it seem the more water stream was found this because, mad pump was performed easy, the water poured into the WELL was not needed much any more, and clay rubbish came out easily of the well.

We hoping the drilling to continue tomorrow-0n 3 Augast’09 will depend on the time of fixing the spear to the mad pump.

I questioned a driller, how does he think the drilling will go deep to 120 meters, he answered me that they wont go deep down to 120 meters, the symptoms showing before reaching 100 meters big water stream can be reached.

About water testing, at the site they have got AC METER this only can check either the water having salt or no salt.

After water availability the hydro tech pump testing department will come to the site, they will check for the water quantity by that time water will be taken to the Dodoma Region water laboratory, we will have the results of the water quality.

Moshi R. Changai
(In Country Representatives)

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