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ZOE blog post 1

As we arrived in Tanzania the first thing that shocked me was the smell. It smelt much different than vancouver, it’s a like musty humid smell but nonetheless I still love it.
When we went to go get our checked bags unfortunately 3 out of 4 bags made it to Dar so as we sat there waiting we thought “what the hell are we going to do?” We finally got an answer and it was “supposed to” be sent to our hotel. It turned out that the bag was sent to Ngorogoro crater which is 3 hours away. so that day all we had to wear was our gross smelly cloths from the 2 day plane ride. The next day the bag was coming at 3pm. We couldn’t wear the same cloths again because they were completely dirty so we used some of the cloths we were going to bring to Cheku village. In the end our suitcases really came and we were relieved and happy!


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