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Get the Fabulous and Functional Website Your Business Needs FAST

Signature Webite VIP Intensive

Get the Fabulous and Functional Website Your Business Needs FAST

Tired of having an outdated website that you're * kind of * embarrassed for your potential customers to look for?

Deep breath, because I’ve got you covered.

We may not know each other very well yet, but you’re pretty dang amazing (I can already tell). The problem is your website doesn’t currently reflect this awesomeness. 

You know you’re ready for a new website if…
  • You’ve been in business for more than a minute, so you already know what you’re doing and who you’re serving.
  • Even if it was once phenomenal, your current site is outdated and no longer serving the needs of your offers or your customers.
  • Your branding has been done and you’re ready to share your fonts, colours, and logos. (If not, check out my brand style guide intensive here!)
  • You’re ready to bring more of what you’re doing into the online space through e-commerce and digital offers or products.

Let’s get your website up to the same level of AH-amazing as the rest of your business!

What you’re doing is too important for people to miss, but without an updated, eye-catching website, you’re getting lost in a sea of other businesses online!

So, consider this your much-needed digital life raft and climb aboard as together, we create a website you can’t wait for people to discover.

Here’s the truth… You and your business are doing incredible work that’s worth doing. Work you’re proud of and EXCITED to share. And you should be!

Strategy, Custom Websites & e-Commerce

I’ve been building websites for a couple of decades now and while the technology continues to rapidly evolve, I’m an expert at navigating it. I can efficiently set you up with a sensational new website that will be rocking and ready to grow with your business.

We’ve built marketing websites for product, film, and TV series; e-commerce sites for clothing designers, stores and record labels; and social impact sites for climate change and human rights projects.

Despite our size, we can still take on larger projects through our partnerships and ability to assemble a world-class team. Let’s chat about the scope  of your project.

We ALSO offer a signature website experience that we can build for you in one of our VIP intensives.

This 1-3 day process is for startups who want to have a simple website or landing page up and running in record time. We start with understanding what your business needs so you can be confident that our templates are tailored just right!

Customer reviews

It is a rare person who is highly skilled, creative, and fun to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough!
David Bircham
Creative Director
My favourite part of working with Lara was: Fast turnaround time, her friendly and down-to-earth approach, and her commitment to high-quality.
Jessica Earle-Meadows
Learning and development for leadership, teams, and culture change
Lara has a fantastic sense of humor, unbounded creativity, and a can-do entrepreneurial spirit. I loved collaborating with her creatively.
Vanessa Warheit
Lara's amazing creativity, knowledge of web technology and understanding of audience needs are all integral to her approach to working with her clients.
Barbara Hager
Producer & Director
Lara brought focus and clarity to the creative process of creating my brand and website. Her works blends beautiful design with function.
Diane Whelan
On a short timeline, Lara was able to quickly grasp the scope and goals of our project and translate that into a clear design language.
Neil Middleton
VP Marketing & Sales, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

What To Expect With Your New Website

So, here is what is included with your website intensive:

Every website I build includes:

  1. Securing Your Domain. Most people come to me with a domain name but if you don’t have one yet, we will go through the process of getting one for you.
  2. Setting Up Hosting. Whether you’re looking to create a website, blog, or online store, we can get you started with a hosting plan tailored to your specific needs.
  3. The Website Build. This is the FUN part…for me anyway. And I know it will be fun for you too during our day together! After all, serious work can still be seriously fun.
  4. A Midpoint Check-In. As I’m creating your site, we will have quick check-ins throughout the day and a slightly longer one mid-day to get your feedback and stay on the same page.
  5. The Presentation. Woot woot you’ve got a website! In the final hour of the day, we will go through the website together and I’ll show you how to use it so that you can make all of those niggly little changes yourself, going forward.

A Few More Details About how the VIP Intensive Works

Book a Discovery Call

Start by snagging a spot on my calendar for a discovery call. If we’re a fantastic fit, I’ll send a link to my calendar for you to book your big day!Step 1

Book Your VIP Day

After our call, you choose a day on my calendar for your VIP Intensive knowing that those 7 hours will be all about Y.O.U. Your website will be the only thing my brain and design expertise are focused on for our time together. When you pick your day, you’ll also get a contract and pay for your investment in the intensive. Once you sign your contract and receive payment confirmation, we’re officially in business!Step 2


You get crackin’ on your pre-work for the VIP Intensive. I know, I know. You just want to hand everything to me BUT I need *some* information from you first. Try as I might, I cannot read your mind (at least not completely).Step 3

1 Hour Planning Session

We’ll kick off your day with a 1-hour planning session to make sure our time together is 100% tailored to your needs and goals. We will also do check-in calls throughout the day where you can give feedback in real-time to ensure that your website is exactly what you’re dreaming of!

Step 4


At the end of the day, you’ll have a beautiful, functional new website. Plus, I’ll show you how to keep it updated and the ways you can make those inevitable future changes on your pages. I promise you don’t need to be a designer or a tech genius to do this!Step 5

Still have more questions? I’ve got answers!

Yes! I do this for many of my clients—for a simple brand design and small templated website, it typically takes 2 VIP days, and larger sites take additional days. Book a call to get a custom estimate for what you need done.
It happens sometimes—I give you my very best estimate on what I can get done during our VIP day(s) together, but sometimes we run out of time for various reasons. If we don’t finish, you will have the option of adding on additional time to complete the project, or I will empower you to finish it out yourself the best I can.
You can definitely do that! Your deposit is good for 90 days and can be transferred to a new date if needed. I ask you to provide 14 days’ notice if you need to reschedule your day. If you provide less than 14 days’ notice, there is a rescheduling fee, as it is harder to find a replacement for the open day when there’s a short turnaround.
I get it. Writing content is the #1 roadblock to finishing anything. However, I do not write the content for you. (We all have to stay in our zone of genius, right?!) But, if you’re writing it yourself, I do provide content planners to help guide you!
Yes, absolutely! This is a MUST nowadays with a large number of people viewing most websites on their phones and tablets.
This depends on the number of pages on your site, the amount of content on those pages, the complexity of the design, and other factors. In general, I can do a 1-3 page website in 1 VIP day and a 5-8 page website in 2 VIP days. More pages will require additional days, and Woo Commerce will also require VIP Days. Contact me to get an estimate for your specific website needs.

Yes, absolutely. I firmly believe in giving my clients the power to edit their own content! If you are unfamiliar with the platform we build your project on, I’m happy to provide you with a mini-training video after our work together to make sure you know what to do.


I’m happy to help my returning clients make design changes and revisions later down the road. Typically this looks like booking a half-day or full-day on my calendar to knock out a design task list (aka a Get ‘Er Done VIP Intensive). If something is truly only a couple of hours, just contact me and we can work it out!

i offer 3 Types of VIP intensives


A style guide ensures that no matter who is crafting your content, all of your communications are on point AND on brand. In this day-long intensive, I create a style guide that reflects your unique tone of voice and personality and does justice to your business.

Book a call or skip the small talk and book your Style Guide VIP day now in my calendar.


You NEED a website but don’t want to spend months waiting for it. I hear you! That’s why I offer an easy, one-day option that gives your business the fabulous and functional website it needs FAST. Plus, you’ll feel super connected during the entire process!

Book a call or skip the small talk and book your Website VIP day now in my calendar.


If you’re a small business owner juggling #allthethings, you likely have lingering lists to-dos that are always being carried over week after week. But you can’t seem to find the time (or motivation) to get them done. It’s time to call in a pro!

Book a call or skip the small talk and book your Get er Done VIP day now in my calendar.