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Lara Kroeker Interactive


Iyoli Water Project

Worked with the local community to create a video series in English and Swahili developed as an educational tool at the village secondary school.
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The Borehole
The Infrastructure
The Water Flows


Musical Spaces

A project that shows musicians, old and young, playing in their practice studios and homes.
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The Diviners
Kenneth Schroeder
Teapot in the Tuba
Meshe & Ciera
Ron Yamauchi
Meshe Mooette



Kids from an inner city school in Canada and a remote village school in Tanzania ask each other questions as a way to learn about each other using art, story and technology.
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Who’s in your Family?
Favourite Food?
Dreams for the Future?
Favourite Animal?
How do you Make Friends?
Dreams for the Future?


Jessica Earle-Meadows

An ongoing series of videos that introduces Jessica Earle-Meadows, a leadership coach for professional women, to potential clients using a the theme of “Smart women and…”
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Smart Women and Anger
Smart Women and Change
Smart Women and Decisions


The Saw Lady

We spent the day with Natalia Paruz who plays the musical saw in the subway systems of New York City.
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The Subway
Learn to Play


Hit the Road

Hit the Road is a is a hybrid media adventure travel series for families, that follows a mother and daughter and has been recognized by the webbies for 5 consecutive years.
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Beautiful and Unapologetic
Sweet and Savoury
Into the Wild


Other Video Stories
Dahlia Drive
Irvin Kroeker
Learn to Play