Why do?

Strategy and PLanning

Every project and business needs a unifying strategy that reflects your goals and serves as a guide through the design and development process.

Every project starts with a strategy phase which lets us identify and clarify your goals, audience, budget and timeline to develop the best plan for moving forward. If you’re unsure of scope then we define and prioritize in this phase according the budget of the project.

This is also where we do a content inventory and can identify new content needed.

We help you plan and grow your business’s web presence.

The LKI Process:

  • Review your mission and mandate
  • Audience definition
  • Identify Goals and KPIs
  • Identify and map existing and new content
  • Competitive analysis
  • Identify features and functionality
  • Prioritize goals, features and functionality
  • Scope and timeline based on goals and budget
  • Project Plan for Design, Development and Growth

Now we have a plan, timeline and budget, lets look at what our design and development plans look like…