This is the most important part of building a website in that we uncover your needs as a company in a consultation (phone or in person). This lays the foundation for your website and what you want it to do. In this session, I learn as much as possible about your business goals, marketing objectives, industry, competitors, and marketplace but most importantly where you want to go. This process begins with a discovery document which contains helpful questions that guide strategic direction.

Analysis and summary of our findings from the discovery session are built into a flowchart and WIREFRAMES that we use as a reference for the rest of the development process. These documents are a work-in-progress that go back and forth a few times and together we refine it with realistic tactics until we’re sure that all of the bases have been covered. After we agree on goals for your site we figure out strategies and tactics which gets worked into a technical document of features for the website and a content guide so that you can start creating the text (the hardest part) for the site.

From here you can either do your website DIY or hire a WORDPRESS DEVELOPER but you will have all the information that you will need to get started.


Discovery Document
Information Architecture (flowchart)
Online Wireframes of a working (but not designed) site.
Technical Document
Content Guide
My goal is to teach people how to manage their own sites and you can learn TIPS AND TRICKS from my blog. To ask me a question, inquire if there is space in our project calendar or confirm your interest please get in touch with me at (604) 724-7103