Strategy and Planning

We help you plan and grow your business’s web presence. Our strategy work will help you define your audience, goals, and how you define success, as well as the user experience you want for your website audience.

We work with amazing partner companies, like Gossamer (who are experts in consulting, hosting, and development), Forge and Spark (who helps us create content), and other talented and inspiring people—like Loc Dao, who has years of experience with agencies such as the NFB, providing the type of vision and strategy necessary to produce pioneering content. These professionals help to form an amazing team that can help with creating your content, including writing, photography, videos, social media content, strategy, and UX. 


We’ll dive deep and figure out the needs of your company, laying the foundation of your website and what you want to do with it. While we’ll need to learn all about your business goals, marketing objectives, industry, competitors, and marketplace, we’re primarily interested in where you want to go—not where you are currently.


We take our findings from the discovery phase, create wireframes, and use that as a reference for the rest of the development process. We’ll toss these work-in-progress documents back and forth a few times to refine them. We want to have a clear plan of action before development even starts. So there’s more, lots more. After we agree on the goals for your site, we’ll lay out strategies and tactics in a technical document with all the features of your website.


As they say, content is king, and people are always underestimating how long it’s going to take to have anything written. So, this is where websites often get stuck. We’ll use our wireframes as a reference for the necessary content. And then, the fun can begin. Together with our strategic partners, such as Forge and Spark, we’ll create a brand vision where we can share our design ideas, inspirations, and preferences. We’ll gain clarity so that the design truly resonates with your brand.

Our strategy begins by creating a project “Bible” that maps out the following:

  • Strategy and planning of overall site
  • Define audience
  • Define priorities, goals, and KPIs for website
  • Define timeline for website development
  • Identify content that needs to be gathered, edited, and created (with our amazing partners, like Forge and Spark, who can help with original content creation as an additional scope item if you need)
  • Research and analysis of other sites you like and dislike
  • Map out user experience/flows through wireframes
  • Scoping: working from available budget, breaking down and detailing budget to produce, launching and operating your website

Here’s how our clients describe our strategy work:

  • “Combination of enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity, respect, and vision”
  • “Provided focus and clarity”
  • “Creativity, knowledge of web technology, and understanding of audience”
  • “Positivity and inclusiveness to everything”
  • “Down to earth and fun people who you can have a real conversation with”