Signature Websites

Introducing the Signature Website VIP Intensive.

We have developed a personalized website template and experience that you can build in one of our VIP days.

This one day process is for startups who want to have a website up and running in record time. We start with understanding what your business needs so you can be confident that our templates are tailored just right!

We KNOW what a website needs based on years of work and doing thousands of websites. Our templates are a little different from your run of the mill templates in that I offer a training to go along with your new and hosted website.

I set you up from beginning to end and show YOU how to add your own content. 

Customers reviews

In 3 VIP days, LKI organized the brand, created canva templates and improved and aligned our team operations beyond what I could imagine
Innovation Africa
Sivan Ya'ari, Founder and CEO
In 2 VIP days, LKI set up hosting, added a perfect template and delivered a workshop to show our team how to work within it. Wow is all I can say.
Barbara Hager
Indigenous Communications (University of Victoria)
On a short timeline, Lara was able to quickly grasp the scope and goals of our project and translate that into a clear design language and implementation path to deliver on time and on budget.
Neil Middleton
VP Marketing & Sales, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
You’ve already put so much time and energy into your business

We know you’re feeling overwhelmed right now. It’s hard enough to run a business, let alone try and figure out how to put it online.

✅ Your site is a mess
✅ You need a microsite
✅ You want to start selling online

But that’s where we come in – we can help you through the entire process, from designing your website to adding ecommerce and setting yourself up for success.

Imagine what it would be like to finally have a beautiful, functional website that represents your business the way you want it to. With our help, that can be a reality sooner than you think. We’ll guide you every step of the way so you feel confident and in control of your website.

When you book a VIP Day, you’ll get…


    An on-brand Style Guide that takes the guesswork out of design by the end of the day — not the end of the month.


    No need to guess anymore: You’ll get help from someone who knows her stuff (that’s me!).


    You’ll have my full focus on your brand and your brand only for the entire day, no exceptions. You'll be available in the day for quick feedback.

  • Files Delivered via Canva

    Save yourself time and energy knowing that ALL of your brand assets and are all in one place ready to cut and paste. Boom boom boom. Done!

  • 2 Weeks of Support

    2 weeks of email support for questions.

Everything your website needs from start-up to success.

There are a million templates out there to choose from but when you go and get one it’s hard to know how to use it. You sit staring at it wondering how to start.

The templates that I offer are built from years of experience knowing what you need right off the top.

I fast track your learning in wordpress and get your template personalized with your logo colours and fonts and 5 pages that most organizations need.

Every Basic website Template Package Includes...

Discovery Workshop

We start our VIP day with a 1 hour workshop in MIRO so that I can be crystal clear about where you are at with your website and where you need to go. 

Before we start your need:

  • Brand Style Guide
  • Domain Information 
  • Pre-Workshop workbook complete
Domain Name, Hosting and STaging Environment

Most people have a domain name but if you don’t we will go through the process of getting one for you.

Whether you’re looking to create a website, blog or online store, we can get you started with a hosting plan tailored to your specific needs.

The Build

Then I take all of the workshop and prework information and start to create. I may have questions and points throughout the day where we need a quick chat and this is why I ask that you are available.

Midpoint Checkin

Half way though the day I will ask to check in with you to clarify anything. 

Ta Da! The Presentation

Woot woot you've got a website. The final hour of the day we will go thought the website together and I'll show you how to use it so that you can make all of those niggly little change yourself.


I will setup your template and then spend a few hours with you setting up. I always turn my camera on so you can watch me work and learn how to customize the site for yourself.

How does it work?

Once we have an agreement in place we are ready to get to work on your brand. We always start the day with a one hour discovery meeting.

Every VIP intensive day is different, but each one is tailored specifically to your needs and goals in order to help you achieve the best results possible.

Wondering what happens if your project needs extra work beyond your VIP day? Simple—we can add-on additional half- or full-days as needed to make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction!


    Pick a day that works for you from the calendar. Keep in mind that you'll need time to complete the pre-day work including our pre-day strategy calls and you'll need all of your content ready to go for your day. If you're ready to go and need it quick, I do sometimes have dates available sooner—email me to inquire:

    You'll also need to be available virtually during your VIP intensive day for messaging and providing feedback so don't choose a date full of appointments or meetings.

    If you have questions or aren't sure if this is right for your project, click here to book a free consult call.


    After you've booked your date, check your email inbox for 2 emails from me—your day confirmation email and the service contract to be signed.

    After the contract is signed, you'll receive your welcome email with details about the pre-day work needed.

    I also offer a video audit of your existing website to help you improve the effectiveness of your content.


    We start with a one hour discovery call so that we can both be super clear on what we want from the day.

    During your day, I'll dig into your work and we'll communicate via a messaging app to collaborate as I work through the project.

    I do need to be able to reach you for feedback and questions during the day. At the end of the day, I'll send you the final work completed.


    The day after your VIP intensive, I'll provide 1 hour of revisions/final-touches on your work.

    You also have 30-days of email support from me for any questions that may pop-up, just in case you are confused or stuck on anything related to the project.

The VIP Day

When you book one of my VIP intensive days, you’re not just booking my time–you’re booking my expertise! I’ve been designing stuff for over two decades, so I know a thing or two about creating amazing results quickly.

I’ll be focusing entirely on your project during our time together, so you can expect my full attention and fabulous rockstar skills.

The VIP Intensive experience is a great way to get your work done fast without losing any quality. The jobs mentioned here are the ‘usual’ deliverables we can achieve in this method, but it’s not a guarantee.

$ 1800 Undivided attention for a day so we can just get er done as quickly as possible.
  • Kick-off strategy call (45 min)
  • Pre-day strategy call (45 min)
  • One full day dedicated to your punchlist of TODOs (7 hours)
$1800 The foundation of your brand visually—now and in the future.
  • Single 7 Hour Day
  • Discovery Session
  • Logo
  • Colours / Fonts
  • Brand Elements
  • 2 Social Platform Headers (Canva Template)
  • Style Guide (Canva Template)
$1800 The Signature Website VIP Intensive
  • Single 7 Hour Day
  • Discovery Session
  • Domain and Hosting Strategy (3 months free with our server)
  • Staging Server setup
  • 1 VIP Day for a simple 3-5 page website (no brand design)
  • 2 VIP days for 5-10 page website (larger sites may need add half or full days)
  • 7 VIP days for a 10 page website + woocommerce setup
  • 1 hour WordPress Training workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I do this for many of my clients—for a simple brand design and small templated website, it typically takes 2 VIP days, and larger sites take additional days.

Book a call to get a custom estimate for what you need done.

It happens sometimes—I give you my very best estimate on what I can get done during our VIP day(s) together, but sometimes we run out of time for various reasons. If we don’t finish, you will have the option of adding on additional time to complete the project, or I will empower you to finish it out yourself the best I can.
You can definitely do that! Your deposit is good for 90 days and can be transferred to a new date if needed. I ask you to provide 14 days’ notice if you need to reschedule your day. If you provide less than 14 days’ notice, there is a rescheduling fee, as it is harder to find a replacement for the open day when there’s a short turnaround.
Most people already have a brand — even if it is a bit messy and cobbled together. This is not a redesign. It is a place to refresh, unify, and streamline all your brand assets so they look the same. If you don’t have a brand, we’ll create a foundational system for your business assets.
No. What I provide in my Style Guide VIP Intensive is ONLY a visual, brand strategy. However, I work as a creative director with an amazing partner—Forge and Spark. If you need the full meal deal of strategy and content production, they are your people.
Everyone’s budgets and needs are different. The Brand Style Guide works as the foundation of your system—colours, fonts, and logos—and is always the first thing your brand needs. All add-ons come after that and grow with your Brand’s Visual Ecosystem.
I get it. Writing content is the #1 roadblock to finishing anything. However, I do not write the content for you. (We all have to stay in our zone of genius, right?!) But, if you’re writing it yourself, I do provide content planners to help guide you!
Yes, absolutely! This is a MUST nowadays with a large number of people viewing most websites on their phones and tablets.
This depends on the number of pages on your site, the amount of content on those pages, the complexity of the design, and other factors. In general, I can do a 1-3 page website in 1 VIP day and a 5-8 page website in 2 VIP days. More pages will require additional days, and Woo Commerce will also require VIP Days. Contact me to get an estimate for your specific website needs.
Yes, absolutely. I firmly believe in giving my clients the power to edit their own content! If you are unfamiliar with the platform we build your project on, I’m happy to provide you with a mini-training video after our work together to make sure you know what to do.
I’m happy to help my returning clients make design changes and revisions later down the road. Typically this looks like booking a half-day or full-day on my calendar to knock out a design task list (aka a Get ‘Er Done VIP Intensive). If something is truly only a couple of hours, just contact me and we can work it out!

Yes, I’m happy to help my returning clients make design changes and revisions later down the road. Typically this looks like booking a half-day or full-day on my calendar to knock out a design task list. If something is truly only a couple hours, just contact me and we can work it out!

Most of my Get ‘Er Done days are booked by my past clients who need updates or refreshes to their website or sales pages we’ve built together. They may also have a punch list of design tasks that they simply need to get off of their plate.