Design and Development

It’s pretty simple, really. We listen, learn, and understand before we build. Technology, especially the technology websites are built with, is best employed when it’s informed by your real world challenges, expectations, and maybe even the stuff you scribble on napkins.

We know technology is only as good as its purpose, and that’s why we work from a solid strategy. If your company is ready for a new website (or a redesign)—one complete with a strategic plan that integrates a solid strategy—then you need a team like ours.

Then, using the strategy we’ve created, we’ll apply our process:

  • Detailed wireframes
  • Functional requirements
  • Design on look and feel  — the digital version of your brand
  • Production design
  • CMS development — WordPress is our preferred solution
  • Theme creation and customization
  • E-commerce integration with Paypal and Shopify
  • Site customizations
  • QA — quality and assurance testing
  • Google Analytics configuration and customization
  • Deployment to our production servers
  • Launch of your site

Our partners, like Forge and Spark, can help with additional content needs, such as:

  • Content creation
  • Video hosting
  • Branding
  • Social content creation
  • Social marketing campaigns
  • SEO
  • Newsletter strategy and branding for Mailchimp
  • Social media branding on all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube)

Here’s how our clients describe our design and programming work:

“Understood what we wanted”
“Built my website with a growth mindset”
“Methodical planning and detail then injects her whimsical creativity”
“Extensive experience with WordPress, in both development and in design”
“Passionately fusing the elements she receives to build a powerful, cohesive and beautiful whole”