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Lara Kroeker Interactive

POST 4: Anything is Possible

We still didn’t have our bags so we had to crack into the cloths that were being donated to the village.  After figuring out that the bags had been sent to another the airport the staff told me “no problem” you will get them by three.  I didn’t have much faith.

I sat down with Moshi to hash out some of the tour ideas while Zoe sat with us and did her mountain of homework by the pool.  Later Moses and his brother came by the hotel. Moses is a researcher and consultant to the natural resources and tourism and teaches at the National college of tourism.  He spent years as a Safari guide so knows everything there is to know about african wildlife.  He studied in the Netherlands and is back in Tanzania because he loves the country and people.  His masters thesis is on community and tourism and thinks our idea for Open Door Adventures fits in with his thesis and he wants to work together in some way.  It was an exciting day coming up with ideas and realizing that this is ALL POSSIBLE!

…and then at 3pm, right on the dot, our bags arrived at the hotel.

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